Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet - F is for "Favorite Baby Products"

I thought I'd do a post with some of my FAVORITE baby products.  Just a few products, mind you.  But these are products that I have either bought, reviewed, or received as a gift that have become invaluable!

Blooming Bath...

When I first received this bath, I thought it was just "neat."  Then I found out that it is WONDERFUL!!!  Seriously!  Every mom should have this on her baby registry!  Here's a pic from the Blooming Bath website since I don't like to use lots of pics of my kids on the blog...

Blooming Bath - Plush Baby Bath
Photo courtesy of
My daughter has never cried in this bath!  She loves it!  And its TONS more comfy than those hard plastic tubs!  We've been using it for 6 months now and I just wish we'd had it when our first was a baby!!

Rockin' Baby Sling...

I have several baby carriers and I like all types.  But there are a few things that make the Rockin' Baby stand out.  First of all, my little one LOVES it!.  Secondly, its SUPER EASY to put on and take off!  No wrapping, snapping or anything else. Just throw it on and adjust it.  That's it.  Also, as much as I love the 2 wrap-style carriers I have, living in the South makes it just too hot to use those during the summer.  If I were to put a wrap on right now I'd be sweating like crazy.  The sling isn't wrapped around you so its not nearly as hot!  And adjusting is a breeze!  You can adjust it with baby inside!  Just tug on or loosen the fabric at the rings.  Most wraps and carriers involve taking baby out, unwrapping, unbuckling, etc. to adjust. But lastly, what makes Rockin' Baby different from other slings is their "do good" philosophy!  For every sling you buy, they donate one wot a mother in need! Now that's the kind of company I like to promote!

The Monkey Mat...

As baby gets older and learns how to sit - and then crawl - there are often times when you go somewhere where you'd love to sit them down but you don't want them on the floor or ground.  Ick! - Like outside at a picnic, in a hotel room, in an airport, etc.  The Monkey Mat is fantastic because it folds up super small so you can carry it in your purse or even hook it to the diaper bag (it has a carrying case with a hook!  Weighted corners help to keep it in place and its got a huge area for them to play on.  Plus it has toy loops to hook their favorite toys to!

These are just 3 of my favorite baby products.  I plan to come back here and add more, so stayed tuned!

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