Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kiwi Crate "Making Music" Crate Review and Discount Link

Check out this AMAZING crate from Kiwi Crate!  (If you've never heard of Kiwi Crate before, they send a monthly craft/activity box to your child.  This crate's theme was "Making Music" and it was pretty incredible!!!!


This box was brought in conjunction with Carnegie Hall.  I think that's pretty neat!
Here's what the box included...
The two crafts included were 1.) making your own xylophone and 2.) making your own rhythm bells.  Everything you need to make those 2 crafts is included - instructions and materials!  But I what I really love is that Kiwi Crate doesn't stop there!  They also include a pamphlet full of crafts that you can make with things you have around the house!!!  Here's a page for making your own pan flute with straws! -

You can check out Kiwi Crate for yourself and get $10 off of your subscription by clicking this link!

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