Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Snails Safe-Nails Washable Nail Polish Review

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As I've mentioned before, I LOVE nail polish!  I love being able to switch colors and get creative!  And now that I have daughters, I love being able to paint their little nails.  But I refuse to use regular, chemical-filled nail polishes.  They just aren't safe and I won't use something toxic on my sweet little girls!  Thankfully, I've found some great, non-toxic nail polishes recently!  And I'm thrilled to introduce you to one today! - SNAILS!  Snails, or "Safe Nails" is a non-toxic, washable nail polish!

I received a lovely red and a lovely pink for review...

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Snails is a water-soluble, so its SUPER EASY to wash off! Just rinse with water! Seriously! Its that easy! That makes it a great choice for little kids because not only can they change their nail color as many times as they want, but you can also wash it off easily when the drip it on the floor or on their clothing! That's pretty amazing! This also means that not only is the nail polish safe and non-toxic, but you don't need a chemical-filled, toxic nail polish remover to take it off! WooHoo!
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