Friday, November 15, 2013

Erin Condren 2014 Life Planner Review and $30 in Discounts!!!!

OK.  I'm in love.  In love with my new Life Planner from Erin Condren!!!  It arrived today and I just love it so much!!!  And I got a great deal on it, which I'm gonna share with you guys!  But first, let me say, that I am so excited about how this is gonna help keep me organized!  This planner is so amazing!  It has room for everything!  And its SO PRETTY!!!!!  And now's the perfect time to order a planner for next year!  Go ahead and order it so you have time to transfer all of your numbers, birthdays, etc. before the new year starts!  Or make it a Christmas present! 

The Life Planner alone normally costs $50 plus $7.95 shipping, but I'll show you how to get the Life Planner, a set of pens, and a pen holder (that attaches to your planner) for $47.45 - including shipping!!!  (That's $77.35 worth of stuff - when you include shipping costs!!!)  If you aren't interested in the Life Planner, you could also save on an address book, a teacher's planner, notebooks, desk calenders, and much more!!! So here's how to get $30 off of your purchases:
1.) First use this referral link to sign up on  You will simply need to put in your name, email address, and a password. Once you've done that, you will receive a $10 off code in your email. (Make sure you are ready to order sometime soon before you sign up.  Your $10 code is only good for 30 days!)
2.) Take the $10 off code and buy something off of the Erin Condren site worth roughly $10.  I ordered this set of pens ($8.95) and this pen holder ($2.50). 

3.) After I used the $10 off code at checkout, that brought my total down to $1.45 + $7.95 shipping.  Yay! 
4.) Now, once you've placed one order there's another promo code you can use that gets you $20 off your second order!!!  WooHoo!!!  So, you can go back and pick out the Life Planner you want (or teacher's planner, or address book, or anything else) and use code GIFT20 to get $20 off!!!!  That makes your planner $30 + $7.95!!!!  (The GIFT20 code expires 12-31-2013, but the $10 off code is still applicable!)
And now that I've told you how to get this awesome deal, let me show you more of my awesome Life Planner!!!  Its so pretty inside!  Seriously!  Like I said, I'm in love!!!!

And its got so much function too!  There are pages for birthdays and anniversaries...

And then there are 2 "month in a glance" pages for each month.  So you can keep track of your most important dates.  (There's also a "notes" section on the right side.)

And every month has an inspirational quote at the top!  The one pictured here says, "A man is but the product of his thoughts" - Mahatma Gandhi.

And then there's weekly pages for each month - complete with room for notes, menu plans, etc!

And then there are awesome note pages with different patterns on them!  Isn't this pretty???!!!

There are also stickers!  WooHoo!  There's a sheet of "birthday" stickers, a set with other things like "doctor's appointment," and 2 sheets of blank stickers so you can make your own!

There's also an "important numbers" page - where you can put the numbers you use the most, like your doctors, vet, handyman, insurance.  There's also an addresses page...

 As if all of that wasn't enough, there's also a double sided folder to store loose papers, etc!

And a sealed pouch for pens, sticky notes, stamps, etc! 

Like I said, these planners are really AMAZING!  And now is the PERFECT time to order one!  Make it a Christmas gift - or a New Year's gift!  Start the new year off right!  Sign up using this link and get your $10 off code! 


  1. Do you know if the GIFT20 code expires or has date when you need to use it by? Cause I was told that the 18 month calendars won’t be coming out until June/July 2014. So I don’t know if it would be a good idea to but the pens and extra labels now, if the code expires.

  2. Also thank you for the information! Very clever idea.