Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kiwi Crate Thanksgiving Turkey Crate

You may have seen my previous reviews of Kiwi Crate.  If you haven't, you can check them all out HERE!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE Kiwi Crate in our house!  Not only do they send incredible boxes each month with crafts/projects for you and your little ones to do, but their boxes are exceptional!  They include EVERYTHING to make the 2-3 projects in the box!  And, unlike many craft subscriptions, if the craft requires crayons or markers, they usually include a FULL-SIZED package!!!  So you are constantly replenishing that stash of broken crayons and dried up markers!  (Come on!  Everyone with little kids knows all about broken crayons and markers that have dried up because the tops were left off!  LOL!)  Well, the folks at Kiwi Crate often make special edition crates as well and today I want to share one with you - the Thanksgiving Turkey Crate!


We were SO EXCITED to get this box!!!  The first project was Turkey Place Cards...

We're gonna do this project this week!  I'm SO excited!!!  And I love the idea of having this place cards holders that my little one and I make together!  And I can put them away and reuse them each year!!! (And, once again, they included EVERYTHING you need to do the project - including clay, feathers, pon-poms, felt, place cards, and googly eyes!
The second project in the box was the "My Turkey Game" (we call it "Turkey Toss")...
This project was even MORE FUN than I thought!  And it was so easy to put together!!!  Now, this is one of the rare times that they didn't include a "full set" of crayons with a coloring project.  But it was because you were supposed to color the turkey "turkey colors," so they included 4 jumbo crayons - brown, red, orange, and yellow.  And I love that they use adhesive squares on this, so there's no gluing needed!  WooHoo!!!!  My toddler and I had SO MUCH FUN making this game and she has had a TON OF FUN playing it with me and her dad!  We're gonna set it up on Thanksgiving Day so that she can play with her aunt, uncle, cousins, and Papa while I make dinner! 
And, once again, they included everything you need to make this game!  - Including the soft ball you use for the game! 
Once again, Kiwi Crate knocked it out of the park!!!  We LOVE this crate - and all the others we've received!!!!  And if you'd like to order Kiwi Crate for a little one in your life, you can use this link to receive a $10 discount off of your subscription!!!

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