Thursday, May 17, 2012

Architec Housewares Review

2 things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE are kitchen tools and color! So, when Architec Housewares sent me a package of products to review, I was ECSTATIC!!!! They have some great kitchen tools - in some great colors!!!  You can find Architec products in a wide variety of stores, from Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Williams Sonoma to and  (To see a full list of online retailers, click HERE.)

The company very graciously sent me a wonderful box full of goodies, including 3 kitchen clips, a 1-quart colander, a set of nylon cooks tools, a "gripper" cutting board, a recipe rock, and a set of mixing bowls.

The kitchen clips are large and colorful...

As you can see, they are very wide, so they keep a large bag of chips sealed very well...

They also have a magnet on the back so that you can attach them to the fridge, which I love...

The One-Quart Colander is the PERFECT size for rinsing strawberries, blueberries, canned foods, etc.  Its got handles on both sides to make it easy to carry.  And, it comes in several lovely colors!
(You can buy your own Colander - 1 quart or 4 quart - on Amazon!)

The Nylon Cooks Tools are AWESOME!!!  SO colorful and so fun!!!

The set includes a turner, a spoon, and a slotted spoon.  The tools are dishwasher safe and heat resistent in temperatures up to 400 degrees...
(You can buy your own set of Cooks Tools on Amazon!)

The "Gripper" Cutting Board is SO COOL!!!  Its dishwasher safe and won't dull your blades...

It also has hundreds of little "grippers" on the bottom to keep the board from sliding around while you're chopping, slicing, and dicing!
(You can purchase your own "Gripper" Cutting Board on Amazon!)

The Recipe Rock is just GENIUS!!!!  Seriously!!!  LOVE this thing!!!

The "rock" holds your recipe cards, magazine pages, etc with a nifty magnetic ball!!!  I LOVE it!!!  I'm always "losing" my recipe card on the counter while I'm cooking, but no more! Now I'll know EXACTLY where it is!!!  (By the way, you can check out my recipe for Jambalaya HERE.)
(You can purchase your very own Recipe Rock on Amazon!)

Lastly, I received this AMAZING set of Eco Smart mixing bowls!!! These bowls are very surdy, dishwasher safe, and made from 98% natural and recycled materials.  They are also formaldehyde and BPA free!

And look how pretty they are!!! (Plus, the have a spout to help with pouring!)

And they also have a no-skid bottom - to keep them sliding around on the counter while you're using them!!!  AWESOME!!!
(You can buy your own set of Eco Smart mixing bowls on Amazon!)

As I mentioned before, you can check out Architec's list of online retailers HERE.
You can shop for Architec products on Amazon HERE.
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