Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Novica Earrings and Scarf Review

You may remember my previous Novica review.  I received a beautiful Talavera plate from them and I love it!!!  As I mentioned in that review, the Novica website states:
"Novica.com was founded twelve years ago as an online, fair-trade marketplace based in Los Angeles, with offices in eight developing nations. Novica features more than 30,000 limited edition and one-of-a-kind handmade works of art daily, ranging from artisan-crafted jewelry to handmade apparel to world-style home decor. So far Novica has succeeded in helping change the lives of more than 50,000 people in developing nations, including artisans and their dependents, uniquely helping each artisan earn personal recognition and real-world prices for their work."

Today I have another couple of awesome products from Novica to review!  The first item is this LOVELY Solola Valleys Cotton Scarf...

This beautiful scarf was made by Chaquiya Artisan Women.  The Novica website states, "The Integral Association of Chaquiyá Artisan Women was founded in 1989 by several women in need to contribute to their family's economic situation and be able to bring food to their tables. Many of the women were widowed during Guatemala's civil war."
(Look at the lovely packaging!!!)

I think this scarf is just lovely.  Its got different shades of green, which make it very pleasant.  Its also VERY light, so it could be warn all throughout the year!!!  And I love that purchases of these items are helping these widowed women provide for their families!

The second item I received was this gorgeous set of Pearl Cluster Earrings...

These earrings were created by a young woman from Thailand named Nareerat.  They have pearls, crystalline beads, and are hung on sterling silver wires.  I love how pretty, unique, and classic these earrings are!  They are just so lovely!!!  And the box they came in was pretty too!

(Look at the lovely box that the eaarings came in!
And they send a postcard from Thailand too!)

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