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Stork Stack July Box Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you've probably seen some of my monthly box reviews.  I LOVE monthly subscription boxes!  Its so awesome to get a gift in the mail every month!  Well, I've found another super cool monthly box for kids AND moms - Stork Stack! 

For $28 a month, Stork Stack will send you and your little one (up to the age of 3) a box filled with 5 full-sized products.  Now, one thing that makes Stork Stack slightly different is that their boxes are actually delivered at the beginning of the month!  For example, July's box is actually mailed (via UPS) at the end of June so that it arrives at your door some time at the beginning of July. Mine actually showed up on my doorstep on July 2, which was GREAT because this month's theme was "Happy Birthday, America!" 

When my box arrived I was immediately impressed by the packaging!  I mean, seriously, what a cute box!!!  But the cutest part was when I opened it up and the box flaps greeted me with this message...

So, as I mentioned before, this month's theme was "Happy Birthday, America!" so the folks at Stork Stack really tried to think of items that reminded them of the Fourth of July - barbecues, trips to the beach, visiting family and friends, playing outside, etc.  (Oh, and all of the products in this box are from American brands!)

The first item that we received was Dr. Robin Smoothing Daily Moisture Cream...

This cream was specially formulated by a pediatric dermatologist!!!  Its great for kids (or adults) with normal, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin!  And, let's face it, babies and toddlers have SUPER SENSITIVE skin, so you want to use something like this that's going to be very gentle!  This cream is also free of fragrance, parabens, and phthalates!  And I tried it myself - its very thick and soothing, but it goes on very creamy.  It made my hands feel super soft  AND it didn't really have a smell!  I think that's awesome!!!

The next item we received was the JJ Cole Bottle Pod...

Now, my daughter is a toddler and doesn't use a baby bottle, but this pod is also great for bottled water, juice boxes, and most sippy cups (that don't have handles), so it is still approriate for her age!  They chose this pattern because they thought it kind of looked like "fireworks" - which I thought was a lovely extra thought that they put into their selection! And this will be great for keeping my little one's water or juice cool at that Fourth of July picnic!  :)

I opened the Bottle Pod and found the next item in the box - Heirloom Tomato Catsup by The Scrumptious Pantry...

First of all, can we just talk about the ingenious packing!  I love that they thought of that (putting the catsup inside the bottle pod)!  :)  And this is no sample bottle either!  Nope!  Its a full 12oz glass bottle of "catsup."  (I'm used to spelling it ketchup, but they spell it "catsup" on the bottle, so I guess I should follow their lead.)  ;)  This item just shows that the folks at Stork Stack also have the parents in mind when they pack their boxes!  This "catsup" can be enjoyed by the whole family!  And its healthy, natural, and made from produce that is hand-grown by sustainable family farms!

The next item we received was a pack of Green Sprouts Compressed Disposable Wipes...

I had never even heard of these before, but they are so cool!  They are made from plants! They come in this tiny tube, so they're perfect for travel. - Free of alcohol, harsh chemicals, chlorine, and perfumes. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic. (They are kinda like those little washcloth discs that kids get that expand when you put them in the water!)  So cool, so convenient, so tiny!  Great for keeping in the diaper bag!!!

And lastly, you can't go to a picnic, etc without a little toy to keep your little one occupied, so the folks at Stork Stack have included this little Spinny Critters toy by Maple Landmark...

This is a perfect toy to throw in the diaper bag!  Its small, has moving parts to keep your little one occupied, and is safe!  And I love that its a basic toy!!!  Not every toy a child has needs to contain batteries! Sometimes a good, old-fashioned toy is just awesome!!!

So there you have it!  Our "Happy Birthday, America!" box!  All-in-all, I was very pleased with the box.  I thought that they came up with some unique items to share with me - especially the catsup!  I was super-excited about that!  I mean, what says "Fourth of July barbecue" better than a yummy bottle of catsup!!!  :)

There's one more thing that I'd like to tell you about Stork Stack, and that's about their Stork Stack Gives Back program.  Now, most subscription companies give you a discount if you buy a 6-month or 12-month subscription.  And I love that!  I'm always looking for ways to save money!!!  But Stork Stack decided to do something a little different.  And I have to say, I was pretty impressed!  Stork Stack works with 2 main charities - - which provides essentials for families in need, and Operation Showers of Appreciation - which throws baby showers for military families!!!  How AWESOME is that!!!  So, instead of a discount on your subscription, if you buy a 3-month subscription, Stork Stack will send you your 3 boxes and then donate a box to charity.  If you buy a 6-month subscription, they will donate 2 boxes.  And if you buy a 12-month subscription, they will donate 3 boxes!!!  Now, you may not be saving a few dollars, but you'll be giving to a family in need!  I think that's a pretty amazing idea!!!

Stay tuned for my August review of Stork Stack as well!!!  :)

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