Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Green Baby and Green Toys Chef Set Review

I've found a new website that I couldn't wait to share with all of my readers -!  As their website states, "HappyGreenBaby is an online baby boutique featuring the best in eco-friendly and sustainably produced baby clothes and baby gear. We handpick specialty organic baby and natural baby products from top quality brands, all with a commitment to lessening impact on the environment."

I love the fact that all of their products are "handpicked!"  When a website/store takes the time to really evaluate the products they sell, it makes me feel more confident and more willing to buy from them!  The folks at Happy Green Baby were kind enough to send my little one this Green Toys Chef Set to review...

I was very excited to review this toy set because we LOVE LOVE LOVE Green Toys!!!  If you read my blog regularly, you may have seen my previous Green Toys review.  As I mentioned in that review, Green Toys items are actually made from recycled milk jugs!  That's right!  The ADORABLE chef set above was made entirely of milk jugs!!!  I love a company with that much creativity!

And, let me just say, I don't just love these toys because they are made from recycled materials.  I love them because they are WELL MADE.  Very well made!!!  I have been SO impressed with the quality of Green Toys products!!!  Even their packaging is wonderful...

The pieces are all carefully packaged to keep them safe in transit.  Plus,the box contains lots of important information.  The Green Toys box explains that this item is:
1.) For ages 2 and up
2.) Made in the USA (another HUGE plus to me!!!)
3.) Made from 100% curbside collected, recycled plastic
4.) Safe and non-toxic
5.) Does not contain BPA, lead or phthalates
6.) Safe to use with real food (SO fun!  Let your little one REALLY pretend to cook!!!)
7.) Dishwasher safe (That's right!  You can wash these toys in the dishwasher!  How easy is that!!!)

They even give some interesting facts on the package, like "On average, every pound of recycled plastic used to make Green Toys saves enough energy to run a laptop computer for a month."  How cool! 

I have to say, if this toy is any indication of the quality of items that Happy Green Baby sells, then they are hitting the ball out of the park!!!  My contact at the store even told me that this toy is a favorite at her house as well, and suggested that I check out the Green Toys Tea Set for my little one!  I love that kind of personal care and service from a website!!!  So incredible!!!

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