Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SmartSilk Pillow Review


SmartSilk is a company that makes healthy, asthma and allergy friendly, luxery bedding.  And, get this, their bedding is filled with SILK!!! I had NEVER heard of silk as a filler before, so I was very curious.  So what makes SmartSilk such a great choice for bedding?  Well, its chemical free, doesn't harbor odors, and is an inhospitable surface for dust mites and allergens.  Its also naturally flame-retardant, so their's no need to chemically treat it! 

SmartSilk also has natural moisture-wicking abilities, so it helps keep you cool and comfortable all night long!  That makes it PERFECT for people like me - who can't sleep if they're hot!!!  (It also makes it a great choice for people who are sick, pregnant women, and women going through menopause - all things that tend to make you hot and uncomfortable at night.

The awesome folks at SmartSilk sent me 2 of their queen sized SmartSilk Pillows to review!  These pillows are very comfy!  I guess its the way that the silk is stacked layer upon layer upon layer, but the pillows are cushy and firm all at the same time!  I especially love using one of the pillows to recline on the couch.  It gives just the right amount of comfort and support to my back!  (Oh, and you can definitely tell that the pillows are not chemically treated!  You know how, when you buy a new pillow and pull it out of the package, it has that nasty chemical smell?  Well these didn't!  Seriously!!!  I pulled one right out of the package and took a sniff!  And it just had a pleasant, light, fresh smell!  I was amazed!)

SmartSilk has everything from bedding sets, pillows, mattress protectors, pillow protectors - and even crib bedding!!! (Which is great because who wants their baby sleeping on dust mite-infested bedding!!!)

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