Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zoe Clothing Co. Review

As I often mention, I LOVE a company that's doing good!!!  And I've found a great one in Zoe Clothing Co.!  They are doing good in a couple of ways: 1.) They are helping spread God's word through their t-shirts and other Scripture-oriented products and 2.) They are helping raise money for some pretty awesome causes!

The awesome folks at Zoe Clothing Co. were kind enough to send me serveral items for review!  First I received several of their t-shirts.  The first one I received is this awesome "Love Your Neighbor" Women's t-shirt...

What a great message and what a great reminder!  When ever I where this shirt, I'll be reminded of how I should treat others!

I also received these 2 men's t-shirts...

The first one is an awesome "Fishers of Men" t-shirt!  What a great reminder of why we are here and what Jesus wants us to be doing!!!  The second shirt is a "Farthest Seas" t-shirt.  The theme of this shirt is taken from the passage in Psalm 65:5, which reads, "You answer us with awesome and righteous deeds, God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas."
I also received this awesome "Fruit of the Spirit" Youth Shirt...
Again, this shirt is AWESOME!  The quote at the bottom is Galatians 5:22 - the Fruit of the Spirit!  My toddler immediately fell in love with this shirt - even though its about 6 sizes too big for her!  I guess it will be a night gown for the time being.  But what better reminder could my little one have right before bed!!!
And then there's this Titus 2 pattern...

I received this pattern in both a Women's shirt and a toddler shirt!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!  Now I can wear it with my little one!  And remind myself that I am supposed to instruct and help her as she grows!!!

I also received this awesome "Bind My Wandering Heart" sweatshirt...

Love this sweatshirt!  The words on it are taken from the famous hymn "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing."  What a wonderful phrase to be reminded of!!!

But Zoe Clothing Co. doesn't just sell clothing!  They also sell cards...

And even signs...

I love this sign!  And what a wonderful addition to any house!!!
As I said before, Zoe Clothing Co. also helps raise money for several wonderful causes!!! 
1.) Sovel-Charnesky Adoption - this lovely family is adopting a little one with special need from Hong Kong!  If you'd like to help, you can enter the code "JS" during checkout and 25% of your purchase will go towards their adoption!!!  $15 from the sale of every adoption shirt will also go to helping them!
2.) Maeap and Chiangsaen Children's Homes - Patti Culpepper is a single missionary from Jackson Mississippi living in Thailand since 2001.  In 2004, God called her to North Thailand where she has since founded and is the director of the Maeap and Chiangsaen Children's Homes in the Golden Triangle area.  The children in her home all come from extreme poverty, with little possibility to ever attend school, and were at very high risk of ending up in the horrors of human trafficking.  Patti has recently taken on the sponsorship of 7 orphan boys living at the Maesalong Church and has a vision to open a 3rd home in Doi Maesalong in God's timing. The homes are in need of a new 4x4 TRUCK. 25% of purchases of ZOE Clothing will go towards this.  Just enter code Patti at checkout.
3.) Faith Bible Church - Several families at FBC are currently adopting. Lord willing, in the next year there will be two children arriving from DRC, one from China, one from Ethiopia, and one through the US foster system.  Zoe Clothing Company has graciously agreed to give 25% of each shirt sales to the FBC Adoptive Families! Simple type in FBCadopt in the discount code box during checkout and 25% of the sale will go directly to this ministry.
4.) Garrick Adoption - this lovely family is currently in the process of adopting a little girl with special needs from South Korea.  Use code Garrick during checkout and 25% of the entire sale will go to their adoption!  $15 from the sale of every adoption shirt will also go to helping them!
What could be a better way to spend your money than helping some of these precious children get homes!!!!

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