Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Architec Appetizer Maker Review

You may rember my previous reviews of Architec Housewares.  (You can find them HERE and HERE.)  I love Architec's products!  They are fun, beautiful and environmentally friendly!  And they've recently released a brand new product - The Appetizer Maker!!! 

This thing is pretty cool!  It all snaps together, so its easy to store and you won't lose any of the pieces!  It comes with a Main Body (the large part at the top of the picture), the Cut and Carry Base (the second item from the top, which lifts the stacks out of the Main Body), the Tamper (3rd from the top, which can be used to press down dry layers), and the Spreader/Serrated Knife (at the bottom of the picture, that can be used to spread soft cheeses, condiments, etc and also used to cut the stacks along the guide lines).

Again, everything snaps together so that its easy to store and nothing gets lost!  So how do you use it?  Well, you cut bread or cake to the width of the Main Body, place that in the Main Body, use the Tamper and Spreader to place other items like cheese, mustard, jelly, chocolate -whatever your recipe calls for.  Then, use the serrated knife to cut it along the lines on the Main Body.  You'll have perfectly sized appetizer bites!  So cool!

And just to make it even easier - and spark creativity - they've included more thatn 25 fabulous recipes and appetizer ideas (including BBQ Lunch Stacks, Philly Cheese Stacks, Frech Toast Stacks, Burrito Stacks, Eggplant Parm Stacks, Veggie Stacks, Cheesecake Stacks, Ice Cream Cookie Stacks, and S'mores Stacks)!

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