Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet: K is for Kiwi Crate!"

I've been trying not to do too many reviews as my "Blogging Through the Alphabet" series, but this is a newer company to me (we just started receiving their boxes) and I'm SUPER excited about them!  And since it was time for my "K" post, I just had to post about Kiwi Crate (Use this link for $10 off your subscription)

Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that sends a box of crafts/experiments to your child each month!  I've reviewed several craft subscription boxes - and I've loved them all (we're BIG on crafts around here) - but Kiwi Crate seems to stand apart from the rest.  Their boxes are not only fun, but educational - often containing science experiments. Each box contains 2 or 3 crafts/experiments, but they also give information and instructions for how to do other projects with items you have around the house, which I LOVE!  That keeps the fun and learning going!  Here's what came in our most recent box (which was called "Wonders of Water") -
The first project was "Watercolor Animals."  (The paint actually doesn't go with this project.) Kiwi Crate sent sea animals made out of a paper that resembles a coffee filter - 4 animals in all.  There's also a FULL set of markers.  This is one of the things I LOVE about Kiwi Crate.  Lots of companies send a couple of markers to do a project, but Kiwi Crate likes to send full-sized items!  That means you can use these on the project and then add them to craft supplies!    They also sent the mess mat, spray bottle, and googly eyes you need for the craft!  Basically, you fill the bottle with water, color the animals, spray them with water, and then watch the colors spread and mix. They even have information on the booklet about how to mix colors to make other colors.  Very cool!
The second project is a sail boat!  They sent the foam boat base, sails, sticks (for the sails), paint (to decorate the sails), and even a rudder!  You decorate and put your boat together.  Then you put it in the water, blow on the sail and watch it move!  There's extra info in the booklet on wind and how it can be harnessed to make things (like sailboats) move!  Very cool and educational!
They also sent 2 extra experiments - one about how things float on water (on the right) and one about how water drops stick together (on the left).  Again, these are very easy, simple experiments but they are very educational and fun!!!
I also received this adorable Kiwi plush!  (You can order him in the SHOP section of the Kiwi Crate website.) I really love him.  I'm thinking of naming him Kevin.  ;)


I love that Kiwi Crate also decorates the inside of their box so your little one can color it!  How amazing and eco-friendly is that!!!!

And then they send these cut outs for your little one to color and play with in the box!  SO neat!!!  Kiwi Crate has SO many extras!!!  Plus, they have lots of other ideas on their website that coincide with their crates!  - Extra activities for Wonders of Water .

Check out Kiwi Crate's fantastic website!  Subscribe and receive $10 off using this link!

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