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Citrus Lane September 2013 Reviews and 50% Off Your First Box

Woohoo!  Our Citrus Lane boxes arrived yesterday and they were a BIG hit!!! We've been getting Citrus Lane for more than a year and we love it!  Our oldest even recognizes the boxes now!  In fact, yesterday they came during naptime so I thought I'd take some if the items and put them away for Christmas.  But "somebody" must have heard the mailman and peaked out of her room because she said, "Mama, our boxes are here!  Can I see what I got?" Haha!  So here's what we got! - 
7 Month Old Box - 
1.) SkipHop Chime Ball - My little one LOVES this ball!  The shakes it, smooshes in her face, and snuggles with it.
2.) Episencial Playful Wash - We LOVE Episencial in our house, so I was thrilled to get this in a CL box!  Its a 3.4 oz bottle (a full-sized bottle is 8 oz and costs $9, so this isn't full-size but its HUGE for a "sample.")
3.) Charley Harper 123's by Ammo Books - This is a FABULOUS book!  Not your average children's book!  It contains the artwork or American illustrator Charley Harper and is just lovely!
4.) Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Ointment samples - I'm always eager to try new safe, natural products, so I'm excited to try this.
5.) Nail Polish from Julep - I've never used Julep before, but I've heard great things about it!  Their polish is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, and DBP, which is fabulous!  I tried it out and it was not only pretty, but it dried super fast!

My little one LOVES her new chime ball!!!!
15 Month Old Box - 
1.) Hape Push and Pull Zebra - I was very excited to see a Hape toy in our box!  I've heard great things about the quality of Hape toys!!!  And this Zebra is adorable! 
2.) Episencial Playful Wash - Again, we LOVE Episencial, so I'm always happy to have extra wash!
3.) Charley Harper ABC's by Ammo Books - Another great art book!  Very pretty!  And I love that we got two different books in our two boxes!  WooHoo!
4.) Super Toddler Bar from Happy Family - My toddler ate this bar as soon as she got up from her nap!  She loved it and asked for another right away!  Haha!
5.) Nail Polish by Julep - Another nail polish!  Yippee!  This one was a lovely dark purple color.  My toddler asked if I would paint her toenails.  Thankfully, since this formula is free of junk its safe for kids toes!  Woohoo!  And because it dries so fast, its great to use on little nails! 

I've put this adorable toy away for Christmas! :)
37 Month Old Box -
1.) Fancy Prancy Dancers Doll by North American Bear - I almost jumped for joy when I saw this in my 3 year old's box!  My little one just recently started ballet and she's OBSESSED with everything "ballet."  She was so thrilled to get this little doll.  (Its 7 inches tall, so it would make a great stocking stuffer, etc.)  She took it with her at naptime and bedtime.
2.) Episencial Peaceful Bubbles - The older kids got a bottle of the bubble bath, which we also love!  Again, this isn't the full size but its a HUGE sample!  In fact, I wouldn't even call these samples.  I'd call them small full-sized bottles.  If you didn't know that Episencial sells an 8 oz bottle you would definitely think this is the full-size.
3.) Alexander Girard Colors Book - This is another great art book.  And its beautiful.  However, one of the pages has a woman with bare breasts.  (The artist painted in the 60's and 70's so that's not a huge surprise.  But I don't think its appropriate for a toddler.  I mean, if it had shown a woman breastfeeding, that may be different.  But this didn't seem to have anything to do with that.  (I've emailed Citrus Lane with my concerns.  I honestly think they didn't know about it.  I mean, who would think a toddler's book would have a naked woman in it?)  I thought about throwing the book away, but it really is a beautiful and fabulous book.  So instead, I decided to make it a "teachable moment."  I took some pink tape and I showed the picture to my toddler.  I explained to her that we shouldn't show certain parts of our body in public.  Its not modest.  And then I told her we were going to make some clothes for the mommy in the picture.  So we cut a strip of tape and I placed it over her breasts.  Then my little one said, "We need to make some clothes for the little girl too, Mama!" So we made clothes for her too - even though she wasn't drawn with breasts like the mommy was.  I thought it was a good lesson in modesty.


4.) Super Toddler Bar by Happy Family - My little one at this bar today and loved it too!
5.) Nail Polish by Julep

Here's the little Ballerina doll.  My daughter LOVES her!
Citrus Lane has also started doing something new over the last few months!  Now they have "add-ons" each month!  Usually its a few products from a specific brand partner.  This month it was Aden+Anais - which I LOVE!!!  All of the products were 30% off this month and most of them were discontinued patterns, so this was a great chance to purchase some items before they are gone!  I got some blankets, a couple of sleep bags, and a pair of bibs!  Citrus Lane ships them with your box, so the shipping is free!!!

You can receive monthly surprises for your kids as well!!! Just use this REFERRAL LINK to get 50% off your first box!
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