Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zipadee-Zip Review

Hi guys!  You may remember my Zipadee-Zip review several months ago.  If not, Zipadee-Zip is a great transition from swaddling!  Its a sack, but the hands are also covered - which is great for keeping little hands warm and also protecting your little one from scratching their face with their finger nails!

My little one LOVED her owl Zipadee-Zip!  She wore almost every night.  And as soon as we'd zip it up she would start flapping her arms and legs like crazy.  My hubby said she looked like she was trying to fly.  LOL!  Well, the awesome folks at Zipadee-Zip were kind enough to send us one in a larger size for her to grow into!  WooHoo!

This is the newest Zipadee-Zip.  We were so excited to receive it!  Our little one loves it so much!  The picture above is blurry because, as I mentioned before, she was flapping her arms like crazy!  Haha!  So, again, here are the things I love about the Zipadee-Zip:
1.) It covers her hands. - She is notorious for scratching her face at night - even after I clip her nails.  I have NO IDEA how she does it.  But when she's wearing this I don't have to worry!
2.) It keeps her cozy. - Now her hands don't freeze at night.  Even her little hands are covered.
3.) It has a little flap over the zipper at the top. - The flap keeps the zipper from bothering her.  Its great!
4.) It keeps her contained BUT gives her freedom. - Its actually meant to be a transition from swaddling, but I'm not a big swaddling fan.  For one, both my girls HATED swaddling.  My youngest could wiggle out of a swaddle in the hospital. And secondly, there's research now that tight leg swaddling leads to some hip issues later in life. But most babies like to feel a little more contained - especially with that active startle reflex - so the Zipadee-Zip is a great compromise!  You should really check it out!!!!

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  1. We have our 20 month old in a Zipadee-Zip that has been working great for not climbing out. She has always slept great in it and we have been SO happy with it! Highly recommend :)