Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Curly Creations" Shop Review

When the folks at Curly Creations contacted me about doing a review, I was thrilled!!!  Curly Creations has got some seriously cute, personalized items!  What I really love is that they have items in all sorts of price ranges, so pretty much anyone can find something that fits into their gift budget!

The folks at Curly Creations were kind enough to send me 2 items to review.  The first item they sent was this BEAUTIFUL Sterling Silver Annabelle Ring...

I had my monogram engraved on the ring, and it just looks so lovely!  They also have several different fonts that you can choose from!  I love that!

And I love the lovely rope accent around the ring!  Very pretty!!!  I also love that this ring is so multi-functional!  You could wear it with a nice dressy outfit or with your everyday, casual clothes!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Its so pretty!  And its not too big or bulky, like some engraved rings can be.  :)

The second item I received for review was their Carry-All...

This bag is VERY well named!  It can carry just about anything!!!  I've been thinking about all of the uses for this bag since it arrived and I just keep thinking of more ideas!!!  You could use it as a beach bag to carry all of your beach toys, towels, snacks, water bottles, etc.  It really holds a TON!  You could also use it as a toy box (which is what ours will be used for)...

I love that the monogram/name panel is removeable!  How cool is this...

I had my little one's monogram embroidered on the panel because I plan to give this to her as a birthday gift, but you could easily put a name or even a word like "toys" or "blankets" on the panel instead.

So here are some uses that I've thought of for this AWESOME Carry-All:
1.) Grocery bag - You could get LOTS of groceries in here!  (You could also use it for stores like Sams, Costco, etc that don't give you bags when you check out!  This bag would be PERFECT for a trip to Sams!
2.) Beach bag - As I mentioned before, you can get tons of stuff in here - like beach towels, beach toys, snacks, clothes, water bottles, books to read, etc!
3.) Toy box - This will hold lots of stuffed animals, etc!
4.) Baby storage - Use this to "dress up" you baby's nursery.  You could use one for blankets, one for baby toys, and one for all those extra diapers and wipes!
5.) Travel Bag - Whenever we visit my dad, we always end up bringing back TONS of gifts for my little one!  He gives her toys, clothes, books, diapers, snacks, etc!  This is a great bag to pack up all those things you come back with from a trip to the grandparents.  ;)  Just throw it in the trunk or the back seat and you're good to go!  :)
6.) A Baby Shower gift - Have the bag personalized with the baby's monogram, then fill the bag with diapers, wipes, bath products, baby toys, bath toys, blankets, clothes, etc!  - Whatever you like!  I guarantee you'll have the most popular gift at the shower!
7.) A Wedding Shower gift - Again, have the bag personalized with the happy couple's monogram or their last name.  Then, fill the bag with towels, hangers, bath items, or kitchen items like cooking utensils, kitchen towels, dish washing detergent, sponges, a cookbook, etc.  And, once again, you'll have the most popular gift at the shower!
8.) And lastly, A Gift Caddy - If you're like us, you occasionally spend Christmas with the grandparents.  Of course, that means bringing lots of gifts for the family!  What family member wouldn't love to receive their gifts in this beautiful bag with their name or monogram on it!  So cool!

As I mentioned earlier, I plan to give this bag to my little one as a birthday gift at her party.  With that thought in mind, I've already begun storing all of her birthday presents, decorations, etc in the bag so that they are all in one place.  Makes it SO much easier to keep track of!!!  When I wrap all of her gifts, I can pack them in the bag and give them to her all at once and just let her dig in!  ;)

Well, if you haven't guessed already, I LOVED both of the items that I received from Curly Creations!!!  They were both extremely well made and the monograming looked beautiful on both of them!!!

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