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Stork Stack August Box Review

Its that time again!  Time for another Stork Stack review!  You may remember last month's review of their Forth of July box - which we LOVED! (Check out last month's review to learn more about Stork Stack and all about their INCREDIBLE Stork Stack Gives Back program.) But, if its possible, I think we loved this box TWICE AS MUCH!!!!  This month's theme was "Splish Splash and Sleep Tight" - and it was packed with great items to help get my little one bathed and ready for bed (and even an AWESOME gift for me!!!!)

As always, the stork stacks come in these adorable boxes and show up on your doorstep some time the first week of every month...

The first things we received when we opened the box were these 2 cards in a cute envelope...

The first card was an explanation of the theme and all of the items in the stack.  The second card was especially for my little one.  Since her birthday is this month, they sent a birthday card FULL of information about what sorts of things children her age are up to. It said things like, "During the next few months you will watch with amazement as your child uses all five senses to explore the world around you...  It is likely your child is able to turn pages in a book and even able to unscrew lids and jars."  I love the extra thought that went into this "birthday card!"  It was so neat to read about the things that my little one is doing or will soon be doing.  Very neat!

The first item in the box was this adorable Sassy Clean Bath Squirter...

Of course, its always nice for my little one to receive a new bath toy, but I LOVE that Stork Stack picked this particular one!  First of all, its an ADORABLE duck, which is always a hit with kids!  But, more importantly, the toy actually snaps apart to make it easy to clean and help prevent mold!  How AWESOME is that!!!!  I had never thought of that before, but all those squirt toys are hot beds of mold and fungus because the water stays trapped inside and the toy never dries.  This toy comes apart so it can be easily cleaned and completely dried.  Its also top rack dishwasher safe!  How easy is that!  SOOOOO amazing! (The Sassy Clean Bath Squirt costs $2.99.)

The next item we received was this ADORABLE Under the Nile Duck Wash Cloth...

This wash cloth is just precious!!!  I love that its a washcloth AND a hand puppet in one!  So sweet!  And its also so soft!!!  Maybe that's because its made from the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton!  My little one is gonna have so much fun with this great wash cloth!  (Plus, what an AWESOME thing to have for travel! - Its a wash cloth AND a bath toy in one!  That means less to pack!  AMEN!)  (The Under the Nile Wash Cloth costs $12.00.)

We also recieved this great Baby Banana Brush...

I was SUPER excited when I saw this in the box!  I had seen the banana brush on amazon and was interested in trying it with my little one.  Lately, my little one has been crying her eyes out when we brush her teeth.  I assume its because she's teething and her mouth hurts and she just doesn't want anyone touching it.  As soon as I pulled this package out of the box she wanted it.  So, I took it out of the package and rinsed it off and gave it to her.  She immediately put it in her mouth and said, "Brush! Brush!"  She just loved it!  And she still does!  In fact, she asks for it constantly!

What I love about this toothbrush is that it was invented by a mom who is also a dental hygenist.  She made it easy for little hands to grasp, latex-free, non-allergenic, BPA-free, and phthylate-free.  Its also dishwasher safe!  And, its freezer friendly, so you can let your little teether use it to soothe their sore gums!  But, best of all, its made of 100% highest quality silicone, so its safer for your little one to carry around than those regular hard plastic toothbrushes!  I'm DEFINITELY thinking of ordering a few more!  (Oh, and they would make GREAT stocking stuffers for baby/toddler Christmas stockings!)  (The Banana Brush costs $7.99.)

The last item we received for our little one was this 1.8oz bottle of Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash...

Now, this is not a full-sized item.  Its a travel size.  But I actually LOVE that! This is PERFECT for traveling!!!!  And its also a shampoo AND wash in one - which means you only have to pack this one bottle!  AWESOME!  And this shampoo and wash is great because its: tear-free, plant-based, natural cleansing complex featuring Aloe, Oat Flour and Soy Proteins, sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical and paraben-free, pediatrician-tested and hypo-allergenic, and safe, effective and natural!  (A full-sized bottle, which is 8oz, costs $7.00.  That would make this bottle worth approximately $1.60.)

The last item we received was actually for mom!  WhooHoo!  It was a 1oz tube of StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles...

Now, this may seem like a trial size, but its not!  NOPE!  This is a 4-week supply and it costs $34.50!!!  How incredible is that!!!  This formula is clinically proven to improve the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles in just 2-8 weeks!  Yippee!!!  I couldn't BELIEVE that they included this surprise worth $34.50 in the stack!  I almost had to do a little dance!  :) 

If you were adding up the prices of all these items, that's $58.58 worth of merchandise - for $28!  (Plus FREE SHIPPING!!!!!)

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we LOVE LOVE LOVED this August Stork Stack!  Such wonderful products for my little one - and even an INCREDIBLE treat for me!!!  And, for just $28 a month (which INCLUDES shipping!) you can have the stork deliver stacks to your door too!  :)

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