Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby MEDBASICS and Toddler MEDBASICS Review

I remember when my first child was born.  I had taken CPR.  In fact, a few years before, I had been a CPR Instructor!  But when my little one was born I had trouble remembering everything I'd learned.  And I often wondered, if something ever happened, would I completely forget all of my training?  Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore - thanks to MEDBASICS!!!

MEDBASICS sells a Baby MEDBASICS and a Toddler MEDBASICS book and I was fortunate enough to receive them both for review!  Both books are small and will easily fit in a diaper bag or purse.  They both come with colorful tabs to help you easily access the following categories: Allergies, Bites & Stings, Bleeding, Burns, Choking, CPR, Falls, Fever, Poison, and Rash.  Each category gives you helpful information about that topic, prevention tips, symptoms of that particular illness or injury, and emergency steps to take. 

In many of the categories, it tells you when to handle something for yourself and when to take your child to the doctor or emergency room.  For example, in the "Bleeding" section it tells you how to "stop the bleeding" and how to "care for the wound."  Then it has a section called "Which Wounds Should Be Seen By A Doctor."  These sections are great!  I find that sometimes I wonder whether something is serious enough to call my little one's pediatrician.  Now I have a little more help in that area!  (Of course, if you are EVER in doubt, CALL THE DOCTOR!)  I feel so much more confident now that I have these books!  They are going into the diaper bag right away! 

The Baby MEDBASICS would be a FANTASTIC addition to any baby shower basket!!!  Also, with Christmas quickly approaching, the MEDBASICS books would make FANTASTIC stocking stuffers for anyone who is pregnant or has a baby or toddler!

So, would I recommend MEDBASICS?  YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!  In fact, I suggest buying 2 copies - one for the diaper bag (or buy them on iTunes if you have an iPhone) and one for the house!  Make sure the house copy is easily accessible.  And make sure that any babysitters know where to find the book!  What if something happens when you are away?  I want my little one's babysitter to have access to information that could save my child's life!!!

Check out both of the MEDBASICS books and find out where to purchase them HERE.
(You can also purchase both books on iTunes for $2.99 each!!!)
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Click HERE to hear the story of the medical emergency that prompted Tara Summers-Hermann (the creator of MEDBASICS) to create these fabulous books.

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