Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mamadoc Belly UpIt and Preghose Review

I remember my first pregnancy pretty well.  The best part of that pregnancy - feeling my sweet little baby moving around inside my womb.  Oh, and when she had hiccups!  How adorable!!!  The worst part of pregnancy (not counting delivery, of course!  Haha!) - morning sickness, backaches, and swollen feet!  Ouch!  Of course, the morning sickness faded after the first trimester.  Then came the lower back pain and, at the end of pregnancy, the swollen feet and ankles.

I'm prepared in advance for those issues this go around - thanks to Mamadoc.  Mamadoc is a terrific company that was started by a Dr. Somi Javaid and her friend Kim Howell.  Together Dr. Javaid (a mom and an OBGYN) and Ms. Howell have developed a line of practical pregnancy products to help women deal with some of the less-desireable symptoms of pregnancy.

The wonderful folks at Mamadoc were kind enough to send me 2 products for review.  The first product I received was their Belly UpIt Band...

This band helps ease the back pain caused by weight gain, the change in center of gravity, and the increased curvature of the lower spine caused by a growing uterus.  Belly UpIt™may also relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, reducing leg pain as well.  Now, I had one of these (made by another company) during my first pregnancy.  I wore it once or twice.  It was bulky, made marks on my belly, and made me so hot and uncomfortable.  This belly band is different though!  Its curved to fit around (and underneath) my growing belly!  And its made of moisture wicking material, so it won't make me uncomfortably hot and sweaty!!!! 

It also has a handy pocket in the back that fits a standard-sized ice/heat pack!!! What an awesome extra to help reduce lower back pain!!!  :)

(And when I received the band, Kim also sent one of their ice/heat packs and told me that if I end up having a C-Section, I can use this to help!  Simply turn the belt around and place the ice/heat pack over the incision for comfort!  How awesome is that!!!!)

The second item I received was a pair of their Preghose Pregnancy Socks...

At the end of my first pregnancy, I had a bit of high blood pressure.  It was not serious enough to cause us to have our little one early, but it was enough to cause my feet and ankles to swell quite a bit.  That was no fun!  I even had to buy new shoes because nothing fit!  Thankfully, this go around, I have these awesome preghose to help with this issue!!!  These socks are easier to put on than typical compression hose, but they still apply the gentle pressure necessary to keep swelling down.  They are also made with moisture wicking rayon from bamboo! That makes them super soft and comfy!!!  And these socks are good for non-pregnant people too!  Athletes, travelers, or anyone required to stand or sit for long periods of time will benefit from the gentle compression and soft feel.  That's just awesome! 

These are fantastic products!   My favorite part is that they were created by a mom who is also an OBGYN - so she bring's her expertise as a mom AND a doctor to her products!

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