Friday, September 21, 2012

The Magic Sleepsuit Review

Have you heard of Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit?  I hadn't until recently.  Boy!  I wish I'd had this handy product when my first little blessing was a baby!  The Magic Sleepsuit was invented by Maureen - a mother of four and pediatric physical therapist.  She created this fabulous product to improve the quality and duration of her babies' sleep. 

Th Magic Sleepsuit is meant to help transition your child from swaddling (once they're too old for swaddling) and keep your child warm and cozy without the need for loose bedding - which can be EXTREMELY dangerous for an infant.

The sleepsuit has a soft, micro fleece outer layer, but has a cotton inner layer so that it will be soft next to your baby's skin. (And that inner layer really is SUPER SOFT!!!)

The scooped neckline helps keep fabric away from your baby's face...

And the double zipper makes for convenient diaper changes...

But unlike the traditional swaddle, it has open hands to allow grasping and play and open feet for ventilation and comfort.

So what are the benefits of the Magic Sleepsuit? -
  • Provides a cozy, secure sleep environment to aide in baby's sleep
  • Helps muffle the startles and twitches that wake babies prematurely
  • Helps soothe baby back to sleep if woken
  • Eliminates the need for any blankets or loose bedding in the crib
  • Gives your baby a cozy and secure feeling while sleeping separate from you on a firm crib mattress
  • Designed for back sleeping and helps prevent baby from rolling from back to stomach
  • Baby should need only a cotton one-piece in suit; thus, eliminating the need to bundle or use several clothing layers
  • Helps to eliminate need to increase room temperature in nursery
  • Helps keep baby at a constant and comfortable body temperature all night long
  • Easy transition from car seat to crib (because it has legs, unlike a swaddle)
  • Provides familiarity when traveling or sleeping in a different environment
  • Becomes part of consistent nap/bedtime routine
  • Helps to minimize the need for parental intervention (i.e. nursing, holding or rocking to sleep, etc)

So what's my only complaint?  Well, they don't make it in my size!  ;)

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