Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woombie Lil' Peanut Doll

Some of you may remember my previous review of a wonderful product called the Woombie Toddler Eco Donut.  Its a FABULOUS travel bed for toddlers that we just love!!!  Well, I've got another wonderful Woombie product to review today! - The Woombie Lil' Peanut Doll!!!

The website states:
"Lucy is looking for a big brother or sister to take care of her!  Lucy requires: Lots of love, Gentle rocks, Sweet songs, Tucking into bed at night, Kisses, Occasional diaper changes, Soft hugs, Her Woombie swaddle.  The perfect gift for the NEW big brother or sister!"

The doll even has velcro so you can position the arms for placing the doll in its Woombie!

This doll is a WONDEFUL way to introduce your little one to the idea of a baby brother or sister!  It even comes with its own, doll-sized Woombie Swaddle!  We just love it!  Its a great way to teach your toddler to "be quiet when baby is sleeping," "be gentle with baby," etc.! 

When the doll arrived, I was right in the middle of trying to potty train my toddler.  It wasn't going great.  I remembered that our pediatrician suggested letting our little one "teach" one of her dolls to go to the potty. I brought out Lucy (that's Lil' Peanut's name) and took off the Woombie swaddle.  Lucy was wearing a diaper!  Perfect!  In front of my little one, I took off Lucy's diaper and told my sweet girl that we needed to teach Lucy to use the potty.  We sat her on the potty and I made a sound like she was going potty.  ;)  (My little one thought that was hilarious!)  A little while later I saw my little one take Lucy over to the potty and start to talk to her.  She was teaching her about the potty!  WooHoo! 

This doll is ADORABLE and has so many uses - teaching your little one about a baby sibling, going potty, etc.!  And she's a great doll for your little one to sleep with because since she's made of cloth and doesn't have any dangerous parts - like plastic eyes!  Lucy has quickly become an important part of our family!

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