Monday, September 10, 2012

Peerbackers Opportunity with Snuggin Go

I have a great opportunity to share with my readers today!  - Its an opportunity to help a momprenuer with her FABULOUS business!  First, here's a little bit about the company, Snuggin Go...

A Snuggin Go® is much more than those infant head rests that now come standard with many car seats. The Snuggin Go is for infants from 4 pounds and greater, up to one year of age, and helps babies sit and breath right.
The Snuggin Go® story begins with our founder Beth Rumack, a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) and mother of three, with years of experience teaching parents of premature and term infants how to position their babies in car seats using rolled blankets and towels. These impromptu solutions often rolled out of position or were hard to maintain for parents over time. The result was unsafe seating position for young babies.
In 2004, when Beth’s daughter was born weighing only 6 pounds, Beth took it upon herself to design the Snuggin Go® to correctly and easily position premature and term newborns in their seats.
The Snuggin Go® solves these problems simply by giving support where it is needed. Constructed of memory foam which displaces with just four pounds of pressure, the shoulder bar crosses behind baby’s shoulder blades and gently pushes the chest forward, opening the airway. The base bar cradles baby’s bottom, reducing slouching, and the side bars support the shoulders to prevent rolling. The shoulder bar adjusts up and down for a custom fit so baby rides home happy and breathing right.

Snuggin Go Too® Child Positioner
If you'd like to help this FABULOUS company - and receive some FABULOUS gifts, you can check out the Peerbackers Snuggin Go page.

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