Sunday, September 16, 2012

BabyGiraffe Companion Review

I love doing blog reviews!  They are so much fun!  And I get to try lots of creative and unique products.  Unfortunately, every once in a while I get an email about a product and I wonder, "Is this product worth my time?"  That's the way I felt when the folks at BabyGiraffe contacted me.  But I decided to give it a try anyway.  And, can I just say, I am SO SO SO GLAD THAT I DID!!!!!!!!!!

The BabyGiraffe is a heavy duty clamp attached to a long neck (hence the name) that can be attached to your child's car seat, stroller, bouncy seat, high chair, etc.  Now, when I first looked at their website, for some reason I thought that all you got was this clamp with the adjustable arm.  Big deal, right?  I mean, its cute, but is it really that handy?  Then the box arrived and I opened it up.  Inside I found:

The BabyGiraffe which has a Bottle Holder attached...

The bottle holder is cool because it is a velcro strap that can be secured around pretty much any size bottle. It comes in handy if mom has her hands full - say, with a toddler - and baby needs to eat.  It also helps to teach baby to hold their bottle on their own!

But here's the REALLY AWESOME part!  The bottle holder is attached by a clip.  Its removable!!!  You can take it off and put on the Toy Loop (which is also included) -

You can use the toy loop to keep the baby occupied and able to play while in the stroller, car seat, etc.!  No more handing baby a toy only to have them throw it on the floor every 2 seconds!

But the toy loop comes off too and can be replaced by the Safety Mirror (also included) -

This mirror helps you be able to see your baby while they are in a forward-facing stroller.  It also comforts the baby by allowing them to see you!  And, as we all know, babies love to look at themselves in the mirror, so this will help keep them entertained also!

But that's not all!  The BabyGiraffe ALSO comes with this AWESOME Sun Shade (also included) -

This is just brilliant!!!  Now you can protect your baby from the sun - even in a stroller without a covering!!!  Its adjustable, so whether the sun is overhead or to the left or right, you can position the shade to protect your little one!

And you can place all the extras in the fantastic little blue canvas bag that they include too - (even the sun shade, which is easily folded)!  How cool is that!  No need to worry about losing any of the detachable parts - just place them all in the bag!  Yes!

Well, needless to say, it took me about 2 seconds to change my mind about this product!  I started out wondering if it was worth reviewing.  Now I wonder how any mom could live without it!!!

If you'd like to purchase a BabyGiraffe Companion of your own, you can do so HERE.

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