Friday, May 11, 2012

Woombie Toddler Eco Donut Review

I have found THE MOST INCREDIBLE product and I just couldn't wait to share it with all of my readers!  Its the Woombie Eco Toddler Donut, and it ROCKS!!!

First let me say that my family travels A LOT. Trips to the grandparents are pretty frequent.  And, up until now, a playpen has been our best friend -the traveler's "baby crib."  But as my little one has grown, its gotten harder and harder to get her to sleep in the playpen. She would often cry and cry until we just got her out and let her sleep with us.  And, I gotta say, I can understand why.  I mean, those playpens aren't really the most padded or comfortable. 

And so, with a trip to my father's house coming up, I began to search online for a travel bed for my toddler.  I looked at toddler cots (which didn't really seem like they'd be more comfy than the playpen) and inflatable toddler mattresses (which I'm not a big fan of because you have to blow them up and they often spring leaks).  Then  I saw the Toddler Eco Donut!

The Eco Donut is Foam Free, Glue Free, Odor Free, Hypo Allergenic, Non Toxic, Lead & Phthalate Free, Non Flammable/ has No Halogenated Flame Retardants and is recyclable!
Its perfect for Travel, Camping, Daycare, Outdoors, Grandmas House, Diaper changes, made from Ultra Plush Minky Dot fabric, is machine washable (in non agitating machines).
Its for ages 2-6 years ols, measures 40" long by 30" wide when opened and 20" long by 30" wide when zipped. (Made of 90% Polyester & 10% Cotton.)

The sides zip to create a carry bag/clean environment...

So my dad ordered one and had it sent to his house.  When we got there, I showed it to my little one and she climbed right on!  Now, my little one is not yet 2 years old, so when it was bedtime we had a hard time getting her to stay on the eco donut.  She LOVES it though, so as she gets older, that won't be an issue.

Oh!  And they have a Woombie Eco Donut for Babies too!  (For diaper changes, back play & resting 0-12 months and sleeping 12-24 months.)
(Picture from Woombie Website)

Things that I love:
1.) Its soft and cushioned!
2.) It contains a zipper closure so that it becomes ITS OWN carrying case - no need for extra stuff!
3.) You can zip up your little one's pillow, pjs, stuffed animal, and blankie inside and not have to look for all their stuff at bedtime!
4.) Its machine washable!  (In a machine with no agitator.)

If you'd like to get a Woombie Eco Donut for your baby or toddler, check out their website HERE.
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