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Citrus Lane June 2013 Boxes Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

Its that time again!  Our Citrus Lane boxes arrived this week!  WooHoo!!!  We LOVE receiving these boxes each month.  And my oldest recognizes the Citrus Lane boxes now.  She says, "Is that my box?"  Its so exciting for both of us!!!  Citrus Lane doesn't do many "theme" boxes anymore - which I actually agree with.  They are better able to put great products in each month's box if they aren't hampered by trying to make it fit a theme.  But every once in a while, they do a special theme - just for fun.  This was one of those months.  The theme was "Fun in the Sun" and it we really enjoyed it!  We got 3 boxes this month - a 4 month old box, a 12 month old box, and a 35 month old box.

Here's what we got in our 4 month old box...


1.) Sun Protection hat from iPlay ($15) - These hats are SO ADORABLE!!!!  But more than that, they are very handy!  Sun protection is EXTREMELY important for kids.  (You can learn more about this topic in my recent post Summer Sun Protection Essentials for Kids.)  These hats are not just shade for kids, but they are made of 50 SPF+ UV-protective fabric.  The microfiber material is also wicking, so it helps keep your little one's head from getting too hot! (There was also a 20% off code for the iPlay website included in the box!)

2.) Odd Duck from Boon (8.49) - The one we received is named "Squish" and he's super cute!  But more importantly, he's BPA-, Phthalate-, and PVC-free!
3.) Starting Solids Food Pouch from Happy Family (approximately $1.70) - We received the mixed carrots version, which will be great since we are starting solids soon.  And these little pouches are fantastic for the diaper bag, travel, etc.
4.) Foot Therapy Cream and Samples from Susan Brown's Baby ($20) - When I first saw this, I was a little disappointed.  This is a mommy gift and they don't usually include such an expensive mommy gift.  But then I smelled it.  It smells SO GOOD!!!!  Plus, the 3 items for my baby added up to $25 without this gift. 
This value of this box was $45.19.
Here's what was in our 12 month old box...

1.) Sun Protection hat from iPlay ($15) - We got the same hat as the baby box, but this one is 6-18 months.  It still fits my toddler, so right now they have matching hats!  Then when my youngest can wear it when she outgrows the smaller one! 

2.) Baby Sand Bucket from Haba (This is actually supposed to be a set, including the bucket and a little scoop.  For some reason, Haba only sent the buckets?  The set sells for $10.92, so I'm just guessing at the bucket's cost, but I'd say $7-8?) - This bucket is very cute and seems pretty sturdy.  It even has 2 little rattle on the handle.

And the bottom of the bucket has a cute footprint on it, so your little one can make footprints in the sand...

Once again, this bucket is cute, but I really wish Haba had sent the complete set.
3.) Happy Family Happy Munchies (approximate value - $2?) - My daughter loves these, so I was happy to get them in this box. 
4.) Sunny Screen SPF35 from Episencial (Special 1.5oz size - approximate value $8.00) - Many people on the Citrus Lane Facebook page were unhappy about this. Episencial took their 2.7oz bottles and filled them with 1.5oz as a special trial size for the Citrus Lane boxes. That made a lot of moms made. Let me tell you why it did NOT make me mad. Episencial recently changed their packaging. Instead of making of new bottles, it appears they used the old version for these trial-sized sunscreens. They placed a sticker on them that CLEARLY stated that the sample contained 1.5 oz, so it was not deceiving in any way. And it wasn't "tampered with" as some people have said. If you open the top, the bottle is sealed just like all their other bottles. Also, I find it much more eco-friendly for them to use the old packaging instead of throwing it away. I don't mind it at all. Would I have rather had a full 2.7 oz bottle? Absolutely. But for some reason, Episencial wanted to send a special size. Doesn't bother me too much.
The value of this box was approximately $30.
Here's what we got in our 35 month old box...
1.) Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Crocodile Creek ($11.99) - I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I saw this bottle.  I was really wanted the hat for my little one!  Haha!  But then my daughter saw her bottle and I completely changed my mind!  She was SO EXCITED about her new water bottle!  And I love that its made of stainless steel and not plastic!  (There was also a promo code for 10% off at Crocodile Creek!)
2.) Sand Toy(s) from Haba (approximate value - $5.00) - We received on of their Ice Cream Cones and an Ice Cream Scoop.  (The reason I placed an approximate value on this and not an exact is because the cones actually sell in a package of 4 for $6.39.  We received one cone, so I divided that price by 4.)  They could have sent the full package of cones instead, but I'm actually glad they did it the way they did.  My little one LOVES her cone and scoop!  And you don't have to use them as sand toys!  They are actually food-safe and dishwasher safe, so you can use them to serve real ice cream if you want!  Plus, the scoop has a smiley face on it, so the ice cream scoops will have smiley faces on them!  My little one immediately went to her play kitchen, got a bowl and spoon, and served me some ice cream!  So sweet!
3.) Dot to Dot Chalks by Alex Toys ($2.95) - Again, my little one immediately loved this.  She wanted to go right outside and play with it.  And I love that it comes with a chalk holder because I can't stand how dry chalk makes my hands feel.
4.) Sunny Screen SPF35 from Episencial (Special 1.5oz size - approximate value $8.00)
This box was worth approximately $28.65. (Not the most expensive box I've ever gotten from Citrus Lane, but still above the box value!)
I have to admit, when I first saw these boxes, I wasn't wowed.  They may not be my favorite boxes, but they are still good boxes.  Plus, the 2 ways I judge if we got a good box are 1.) Does my oldest love what she got? (My other isn't old enough to know yet.  LOL!)  But my toddler loved her box!  And seriously, its about her!  I could go out and buy the things I want to buy for her.  That's not what a subscription box is about.  Its about getting a surprise package every month with products that other people have picked out!  Its a good way to try some things that you might not ordinarily pick!  And my other criteria is 2.) was it worth at least the price of the box - $25 - and these all were!  Those are the 2 criteria I use.  Some boxes WOW me.  Some I think are just OK.  But the point is that my daughter loves them.  And so far, we've had great success with Citrus Lane. 
You can receive monthly surprises for your kids as well!!! Just use this REFERRAL LINK to get 50% off your first box!
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