Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2 Review

You may remember my review of the Safe Sporter by Kid Basix.  We LOVE these bottles!!!  They are colorful, easy to grip, stainless steel, and dishwasher-safe!!! That's every mama's dream!!!  Well, if you read that review and were bummed because you little one isn't old enough for sports bottles yet, FEAR NOT!  Kid Basix also has the Safe Sippy 2!!!  WooHoo!!!

The Safe Sippy 2 is a great bottle that will grow with your child - from sippy cup with handles to straw bottle without handles!  That's a pretty amazing cup!!!

The Safe Sippy 2 comes with all the stuff you see in the picture above!  The clear dust cap keeps the bottle safe and dirt-free while not in use.  The spout is straw-shaped, but its wide and flat, so it emulates thumb sucking.  This means its pretty easy for kids to figure out how to use!  The handles are removable, so you can use them when your child is little (to help them hold onto the bottle).  Then, as they get older, you can remove them!  The silicone sleeve makes it easier for your little one to grip the bottle and also helps keep little hands from freezing when the stainless steel gets cold!  And lastly, this bottle comes with 2 valves and a plug!  The clear sippy valve is cross cut, so it allows for even fluid flow and spill prevention - perfect for little ones!!!  The clear orange valve and straw can replace the sippy valve once your little one is ready for a straw bottle!!!  And the dark orange travel plug can be inserted during trips to insure that the sippy doesn't leak!  Now, that's a pretty versatile sippy!!!  I'm all about saving money wherever possible, but I also want safe, eco-friendly products for me and my kids.  The Safe Sippy 2 fits all of those criteria!!!  Its reusable and stainless steel, so its eco-friendly and free from all those nasty chemicals found in many plastics.  And since it grows with your child, its very economical!!!  And, once again, its dishwasher-safe - which makes this mama VERY HAPPY!!!!

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