Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Buggy Bagg Jr. Review

Do you know how HORRIBLY filthy shopping carts are?  There have been studies done that show that an average shopping cart contains more traces of urine, feces, etc. than a public restroom.  Seriously!  How disgusting is that????!!!???  Thank goodness for Buggy Baggs!!!  Buggy Baggs are fabulous, functional shopping cart covers!  The awesome folks at Buggy Baggs were kind enough to send me one of their Buggy Bagg Jr. covers for review...

The Buggy Bagg Jr. is smaller than the regular Buggy Bagg and less expensive, so its perfect for people with little room in their cars and people looking for a more economical version.  It unfolds easily and can easily be placed in a shopping cart using one hand - leaving the other hand free to hold your little one.

I love how easily the Buggy Bag Jr. folds into itself!  It makes it so easy to carry and store!!!  I also love how fashionable it is!  I received this LOVELY Flower Bug print and LOVE it!!!  Its perfect for my 2 little girls!!!  The Buggy Bagg Jr. also has a wonderful diaper compartment that's large enough to store diapers, wipes, a snack, sippy cup, wallet, coupons, sunglasses, etc!  And it has velcro strips to keep it closed!!!  And finally, it has a toy loop so that you can bring a toy to keep your child entertained, but not have to worry about it falling on a nasty floor!!!

The Buggy Bagg Jr. can also be used as a restaurant high chair cover AND a changing mat!!!  How awesome is that!!!  This is one awesomely multifunctional baby item!  (And we moms are always looking for baby gear that is multifunctional!!!)  You have to check it out!!! 

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