Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Happy Trunk Subscription Box Review

I love finding fun and creative things to do with my toddler!  But with the new baby having just arrived, sometimes I don't have the time - or the brain power - to come up with new ideas.  That's why I was thrilled to find The Happy Trunk subscription service!  They send a wonderful little box full of activities right to your door every month!!!  The awesome  folks at The Happy Trunk were kind enough to send me their February box for review...

Box for 3-7 year olds

I was really surprised at the number of crafts in this little box!  This month's theme was "Wild West" and all of the crafts and activities centered around that.  The box contained:
1.) A Design Your Own Bandana Craft - included in the box were the bandana, wood blocks, foam stickers, paint, a paint brush, a disposable plate, scrap paper, and directions - everything you need to make your very own bandana!!!
2.) A Cowboy/Cowgirl Race To Your Horses Game - the box came with the gameboard, stickers, game pieces, and a pen - all for making your very own board game!
3.) A Pan For Gold - The box came with a compostable container, sand, fake gold coins, clay and gold glitter (for mixing to make gold nuggets), a sand sifter, a muslin bag, and directions - everything you need to got prospecting for gold!
4.) The box also contained an "Explore More" Card - that had a western symbol temporary tattoo for your little one and a list of Fun Facts about the Wild West
Also, because this was our first box, we receive a "Welcome To The Happy Trunk" card along with a set of scissors.  Since many craft projects require scissors, they send you a brand new pair in your very first box!  How cool is that!!!
I love the idea of a craft box arriving to my door!  Its perfect for rainy days, sick days, any time you just want to do something fun with the kids!  And its great for when you just don't have any new ideas!  Plus, they send EVERYTHING you need for the projects, so no need to go shopping for tons of materials!  The Happy Trunk also has 2 age ranges for their boxes - 3 to 7 years old and 8 to 11 years old!  The boxes are $19.95 per month and shipping is free!!!
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