Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Toys Tool Box Review

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know there's a toy company that I'm head over heels in love with - Green Toys!  All of their toys are made from recycled milk containers!  Yes, you heard that correctly!  But not only are these toys environmentally friendly, but they are INCREDIBLY WELL MADE!!!  There isn't a toy they make that I don't love!!!  This time they were kind enough to send me this awesome tool box set for review...

This awesome kit comes with FIFTEEN pieces - a tool box, phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, hammer, saw, wrench, pliers, 2 two-hole connectors, 2 nails, 2 bolts, and 2 nuts!!!  That's a lot of toy!!!  And just think how much your little one will LOVE following mommy or daddy around as they hammer nails, etc.  And now they can have their own tool box to work right alongside you!!!!

OH!  And as I've mentioned before, these toys are very detailed!  The saw, hammer and wrench all have the name of the tool on them.  And the screwdrivers say either "phillips" or "flat" on them!  So you can teach them the words and the tools as they work!  :)

And this set is safe for kids 2 years old and up and comes in 2 sets: blue, yellow, and green and pink, lavender, and lime green - so your little girl can join in the fun as well!  This is definitely a toy that you should check out!!!

Green Toys also makes lots of cute little cars, like this adorable ambulance...

These little cars make great surprises, stocking-stuffers, and Easter basket stuffers!!!  You can check them all out on the Green Toys website.

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