Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Throw Review

My daughter is in that stage where, when she doesn't want something, she just lets it drop - her toys, her sippy cups, her food, etc.  The problem is, in a minute or two she wants it again.  This can be problematic when we are in the car & she throws her sippy & I can't get to it.  Or when she's in her stroller and throws her sippy and it gets dirty.

That's why I was SO excited when NoThrow sent me one of their bottle tethers AND on of their paci clips to try out! 

The bottle tether can then be attached to your child's carseat, stroller, or high chair.  (I was inside when we tried it out, so I attached it to one of our dining room chairs.  It attaches very easily and very securely!
The bottle tether is SO easy to use!
Simply thread it through the loop on your child's car seat, stroller, high chair, etc.
Then attach the cup to the tether using the velcro strip.

The part that attches the sippy cup is a long piece of velcro - which is great because it can hold bottles and sippies of different sizes.  It also comes in some ADORABLE patterns!!!  I love that!!! The tethers are not just green, pink, blue, etc.  The kind people at No Throw sent my little one this ADORABLE princess-themed tether...

The pacifier tether clips safely to your baby's clothing so that their pacifier never falls to the ground.

Now, my little one doesn't use a pacifier, but that wasn't gonna stop me from trying this thing out!  My little one is teething like CRAZY, so I thought this would be good to attach a teething ring to!
It worked really well!  I was worried that the clip wouldn't hold,
because the teether is heavier than a pacifier - but it really held securely!

It also worked well with a little toy...
Great way to keep my little one occupied in the car!

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