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"Little Looster Booster" Review and Promo Code!

Update:  The WONDERFUL people at Little Looster have GRACIOUSLY extended a promo code to all of my readers!  Enter promo code REB7 on the Little Looster website before May 20, 2012 and you will get $7 off of the Little Looster!!!

All right all you moms with potty training kids!  This review is for you!!!  :)  Before I tell you about this AMAZING product, let me give you a little background in my personal experience with potty taining.  When my little one went in for her 15 month pediatrician's appointment, her doctor suggested we go ahead and begin potty training.  I was a little surprised.  After all, most of the kids I knew didn't begin potty training until 2 or 3 years of age.  But our doctor, who is WONDERFUL by the way, gave us some good reasons to start early.  First of all, most kids around the world are potty trained BEFORE their second birthday.  In fact (and this is information that I researched MYSELF), more that 90% of American kids were potty trained before they were 2 years old (and many by 18 months) until the 1950s.  So what changed?  Well, disposable diapers came along!  That's right!  Before disposable diapers, mamas were much more motivated to get their kids to go potty! - (All you cloth diaper mamas know EXACTLY what I mean, don't you!) It makes sense, don't you think!  :) 

Another reason our pediatrician suggested beginning at 15 months was to take the stress out of it.  I know of many parents who decide to potty train over the weekend, or right before their kids start school, and its such a stressful experience for the child AND the parent because they are sort of working with a deadline.  "Start now," our doctor said, "and it will be a laid back, less-stress experience.  And even if she isn't fully potty trained until 2 years old or after, she'll still be ahead of most kids these days."

So, we started potty training!  We've been taking it slow.  I simply take her to the potty as soon as she gets up, before and after her nap, after each meal, and right before bed.  But there were some issues.  For instance, I DID NOT want to buy one of those potty chairs!  Those things are just too gross for me!!!  The idea of having to pour the pee or poop out of it and clean it was just YUCK!  Also, being so low to the ground, it would be easy for my little one to "play around" in it after going potty, and that's just YUCK too!  So we bought the Baby Bjorn potty trainer from Amazon.  It fits right on the toilet, secures easily, cleans easily, and seems comfortable for my little one to sit on.  At 15 months, we just picked her up and placed her on the toilet, but as she got older we wanted to teach her how to get up there by herself.  The problem was, all those "potty stools" - including the matching Baby Bjorn stool - seem so unstable!  I mean, a toddler doesn't really have the best coordination anyway, so why would you want them to have to step up on this tiny, wobbly, litte stool?


Enter the Little Looster!  :)  Monica Mylet, the inventer of the Little Looster, says...

"After giving birth to three kiddos in four years, I came up with a solution to the potty-training blues that we all experience. Along with the need to offer children support, confidence and comfort while on the loo, I wanted to create a product that would not be in the way for adult use, easily cleaned and space saving. The Looster Booster was born and a couple other amazing benefits were discovered. The first being the fact that parents are saving hundreds of dollars by potty-training faster and NOT having to buy those unsanitary little step-stool potties that require CONSTANT attention. We are saving money and landfills. Another unexpected benefit that has been revealed is the obvious aid to children with special needs that could use a little help with balancing."

Now, that all "sounds good," but the real test was gonna be my toddler's opinion.  She's 20-months-old, so we've been potty training for 5 months now.  At first she did REALLY well, but lately she hasn't been going in the potty.  So tonight when the Little Looster arrived on my doorstep, I IMMEDIATLY pulled it out of the box!

The Little Looster fits right around the toilet,
providing more stability for your little one. :)

For such a big product, the Looster is surprisingly lightweight.  I went right to the bathroom that my little one uses and put it around the toilet.  Now, being that it was so lightweight, my first concern was that it would tip over just as easily as all those other potty stools.  NOT THIS BABY!  I did a little experiment, first kicking at my little one's old potty stool.  It immediatly began to tip.  Then I tried the experiment with the Looster.  It WOULDN'T tip!  Seriously!!!  I kicked and kicked and finally had to apply a lot of force to get it to move!  I don't know if its just because its wider, or the fact that it curves around the toilet that makes it so stable, but whatever it is, I'M PLEASED!  :)

The other thing that I noticed right away is that the Little Looster is an inch or two taller than most other potty stools.  When my little one sat down on the potty, she was actually able to touch the stool with her feet!  She felt more secure almost instantly, because she started tapping her feet and doing a little dance.  Before the Looster, my little one would often grab the side of the toilet (YUCK!) in an effort to maintain her balance.  Now there's no need for that!  She seems to feel more secure because her feet are touching something!  :)

My little one can only reach the Looster with her toes right now,
but that was enouch to make her feel more secure!

Now, I have a little girl, but I have to imagine that this baby would be SO much safer for a potty-training boy.  Once they begin to stand while pottying, you really want them to have something sturdy and substantial to stand on and not one of those tiny, thin little stools!

But don't think that Monica Mylet - the Little Looster inventor - forgot about us adults!  Even though the Looster is much larger than a traditional stool, it actually is less in the way!  Because of its shape, and the way it fits around the toilet, an adult can actually sit - or stand, for all you daddies ;) - and not have to move the Looster!  How awesome is that!!!  :)

I would DEFINITELY recommend the Little Looster!

If you'd like to check out the Little Looster for yourself, you can do so HERE.

Update: The WONDERFUL people at Little Looster have GRACIOUSLY extended a promo code to all of my readers! Enter promo code REB7 on the Little Looster website before May 20, 2012 and you will get $7 off of the Little Looster!!!

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Disclosure - Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received a Little Looster, free of charge, for review.  I was in no other way compensated for my review.  The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

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