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Bathing In Grace Baby Bath Towel Review

I still remember when we first brought our little one home from the hospital - nearly 2 years ago.  That was the greatest - and most terrifying - drive I've ever been on.  ;)  I was SO scared.  I had this perfect little person and now I was responsible for her care.  Her first few baths were some of the scariest moments for me. - Hoping the bath products, washcloths and towels weren't too harsh for her delicate little skin. - Praying that her little body didn't slip out of my hands when I got her out of her little tub. 
Then, as she got older and I became more confident, the fear of bathing went away.  What didn't go away? - The fact that I got soaked!  I'd wrap one towel around my sweet little girl and drape another towel over myself - trying to avoid "the soak."  But, inevitably, my towel would move out of place or fall to the floor and I'd get soaked anyway.

These towels are SO pretty and SOOOOO soft!!!!

Boy do I wish I'd had the Bathing In Grace Baby and Me Bath Towel Set back then!!!  Lynette Moore, the inventor of Bathing In Grace, began her company with 2 things in mind - her sweet daughter, Grace, and the environment.  And I would say they have both benefitted from these incredible towels!  The towels are made from 100% Moso bamboo, which is not the same species consumed by pandas.  Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial, so it helps prevent skin irritations, allergies, and odor.  It can also absorb THREE TIMES its weight in water - which makes it the perfect material for an item, like a towel, that has to be washed frequently!  To read more about the benefits of bamboo, click HERE.

 The Bathing In Grace Baby and Me Towel Set includes 1 bib towel (for mommy) and one hooded towel (for baby).  (It also contains one organic bamboo terry washcloth - as Lynette's special gift to you.)  The genius of this set is that the bib towel drapes over mom - to keep her dry.  But that's not all!  The hooded towel actually buttons to the bib towel to keep your little one all wrapped up in luxurious bamboo cloth!  :)

 Baby & Me Bath Towel Set-baby towel, baby bath towel, organic baby bath towel, bamboo baby towel

The Set is Made From:
- Certified 100% Organic Bamboo Terry Cloth
- Certified 100% Organic Ribbed Cotton
(Be advised, these do shrink a little bit - just like cotton does.)

Some Benefits of This Set Are:
- Bamboo wicking ability is 35% more than cotton (water absorbency)
- Bamboo is naturally antibactieral & antimicrobial (preventing skin irritations, allergies and odor)
- Bamboo has natural insulating properties (keeps baby cooler when hot & warmer when cold)
- Bamboo is naturally antistatic (no static cling on babys delicate skin)
- They are MADE IN AMERICA! (Patent Pending)

My husband used the set (so that I could take the pics) and these were his thoughts:  The towels are SERIOUSLY absorbent!  As I stated in the bambo facts section, bamboo is 35% more absorbent than cotten.  That was what my husband liked the most!  Usually, when we get our little one out of the bath, we get soaked, the floor gets soaked, and the towel ends up soaked.  This time though, everyone and everything stayed dry!  It also took half the normal amount of time to dry our little one off because this towel has SERIOUS wicking abilities! This was GREAT because our little one usually fusses during this post-bath time, so the quicker its over with the better!

As if all of that wasn't enough of a reason to buy these towels, the Bathing In Grace website states,
"With your purchase of the Baby & Me Bath Towel from
we will payforward another towel set to a baby in need!"
That's right! When you buy a towel set, you are also giving a towel set to a baby in need!  How awesome is that!!!  I love a company that tries to give back, and this company is DEFINTELY doing that!!!

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  1. I also felt the same way when we gave our baby her first bath. Like you, we also made it a point to give her organic products so that no harmful chemicals can hurt her soft baby skin. I hope all the parents out there would consider using eco-friendly products for their babies as well.
    Von Valdes