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Toockies Review - A Company with a Cause!!!

I love discovering a company or business before any of my friends have heard of it!  (I love to spread the word!)  But more than just finding an interesting product, I really LOVE finding a company that was founded for a purpose - a desire to do some kind of good - whether that be making safe products for my family, or helping the under-privileged.  And Toockies is JUST that kind of company!!! 

Toockies began when the founder, Anna Marie Strauss, first saw her husband's aunt "Toockie's" knitted dishclothes.  A little later, after seeing a documentary on families in India who were selling their children into slavery or prostitution just to get money to buy food, an idea was born!  - Anna Marie could start a business AND help give these women in India dignity by enabling them to earn a living wage! 

Toockies developed a plan to help women in India by giving them a trade - teaching them to make knitted dishclothes.  Their website states: "Today we are making a difference for women and their families in Nababpur, India using a system very similar to the embroidery system my mother belonged to. The Toockie project opens an unimaginable door of opportunity for our knitters. In Nababpur, 210 women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living, are mobilized and trained to knit Toockies. A community center is setup for these women as a central location for them to come train, knit, pick-up yarn, and drop off finished toockies. Most knitters work from home, allowing them to work flexible hours."

What an INCREDIBLE idea!!!  I've seen so many documentaries like that - people living in horrible circumstances - and I always think, "That's so tragic."  But Mrs. Strauss did more than just have sympathy for these women - she put her sympathy into action!!!

I received two products from this AMAZING company - a 3-pack of the original Toockies Organic Cotton Scrub Cloths and a pair of Toockies Organic Cotton Circulation Gloves.

The Scrub Cloths are generously-sized and very well made. They are organic cotton and contain no chemical dyes or fibers - so they are much better for you than those nasty, chemical-laced cleaning cloths!  They are also washing machine/dryer safe at any temperature AND dishwasher safe - so you have several cleaning easy choices!!!

I LOVE the idea of these scrubbing cloths instead of sponges!  Kitchen sponges are so nasty and germ-infested!  But regular dishcloths are thin and don't really scrub well.  These cloths are great for scrubbing because of the ribbing in the design, so they will clean your dishes, counters, etc.  Then, just toss them in the washer/dryer & start all over!  No more nasty, smelly sponges!!!

As I mentioned before, Toockies is interested in giving these women DIGNITY.  They have taught each woman how to write her own name, so that she is able to sign her handiwork.  Each package of Toockies Scrub Cloths that you order will have the signature of the woman who knitted them.  (As you can see in the above picture, my Toockies were made by Hakima Bibi.)  You can then go to The Toockies Artisans Page and see a picture of the artisan who made your cloths, along with her "wishes" (what she wants to do with the money she earns).

This is the artisan of my cloths, Hakima Bibi...
Hakima Bibi
and her "wish" is - "I have a desire to save up money and do something big."

What an INCREDIBLE idea!!!  I loved going to their website and seeing the picture of the sweet woman who made my cloths and reading her "wish."  It was heartbreaking to read some of the other women's wishes, including Rohima Bibi, whose "wish" said, "The boys don’t feed me so I work to feed myself."  Can you imagine!

If you'd like to see that precious women in India who are being helped through this company, you can go HERE.

The second item I received was this lovely set of Circulation Gloves...

Again, the gloves are handmade from organic cotton.  They arefree of chemical dyes and fibers and are machine washable.  The gloves help: Reduce Cellulite, Cleanse the Lymphatic System, Remove Dead Skin, Aid Digestion, Improve Muscle Tone, Stimulate Hormone and Oil Producing Glands, Tighten Skin, Stimulate Circulation, and Imporve Nervouse System Function! No need for nasty loofahs or plastic "puffs!"  Just use these babies to scrub in the shower!

As the website states:
"Toockies® products are hand knit100% organic cotton or jute to create a unique and practical addition to your lifestyle.  Our multi-purpose scrub cloths have knitted ribbing that makes it possible to pick-up small crumbs, dust, and other debris that collect on the surfaces of our homes, cars, and bodies. Designed for scrubbing and wiping, this highly effective product makes cleaning just about anything a pleasure. Toockies® cloths are soft enough to wipe your baby and tough enough to scrub your dishes without scratching. This pattern is based on dish cloths that were given as a traditional loving gesture of support for new moms, weddings, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mothers Day, and Christmas."

Toockies makes scrub clothes, trivets, pot holders, washclothes, and more!  To check out their products, click HERE.


  • 100% organic cotton or jute
  • No synthetic color or dyes
  • Machine wash with any color or fabric
  • A hardworking cleaning tool that lasts a long time saving time & money
  • Provide the woman who knit them an opportunity to feed their families with dignity

A can't think of a better idea than to buy a cleaning cloth that is not only effective, but will also benefit someone in need.  This is truly a lovely idea and a lovely company!  :)

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Disclosure - Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received product(s) from the company mentioned above, free of charge, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

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