Friday, May 11, 2012

Peter Rabbit Organics Review and Coupon

Ever see a company's name and think, "That's SO CUTE!!!"  Well, that's the first thing I thought when I found Peter Rabbit Organics for the first time.  I love Peter Rabbit.  I always have.  So that drew me in RIGHT AWAY!  But the name isn't the best part of this company.  Its their products!

As their Facebook page states...
We have a simple aim to provide great tasting organic snacks. When we started Peter Rabbit Organics we made 3 promises: that everything we make would always be 100% organic, 100% healthy (no added sugar, no added salt and nothing artificial) and always taste 100% delicious.

Well, they seem to have kept that promise!  This morning, I fed my little one the Apple and Grape Pouch (mixed with some oatmeal) - and she LOVED it!!!

When I checked the back of the package to see what the ingredients were, it said: "Organic Apple 86%, Organic Grape Juice Concentrate 13.9%, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate." - No added sugars or preservatives!  Just apple, grape and lemon!!!  I love that!!!  And I also love that it says, once its opened, it can be refrigerated up to 48 hours.  (Most of these pouches say you can't keep them longer than 24 hours.)  But I don't really think that's gonna be much of an issue because I really don't think these pouches are gonna last long - the way my little one gobbled her first on up!  :)

And I just LOVE these little fruit and vegetable pouches!  They are SO CONVENIENT, easy, and mess-free!!!  What more could a mama want!!!  Oh yeh!  They're HEALTHY!!!  WooHoo!!!  Peter Rabbit Organics fills these wonderful BPA-free pouches with pure fruits and veggies - no extra sugar or junk!  You can squeeze them into a bowl or simply let your little one suck them right from the package! - No mess!  That makes these little pouches PERFECT for the diaper bag and trips out!!!  You eliminated the mess, but still get to serve your little one something healthy as a snack!

Currently, Peter Rabbit Organics has 11 delicious flavors to choose from:
Strawberry and Banana
Mango, Banana and Orange
Apple and Grape
Peach and Apple
Pear and Apple
Banana and Apple
Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple
Carrot, Squash and Apple
Pea, Spinach and Apple
Pear and Pea
Pumpkin, Carrot, and Apple

If you'd like to pick up some Peter Rabbit Organics pouches for your kids (or yourself!), then you might be interested in this COUPON for 50 cents off any 2 pouches.  (The coupon is accepted anywhere Peter Rabbit Organics pouches are sold - except for Starbucks, which does not accept manufacturer coupons.)

You can find Peter Rabbit Organics in Whole Foods, Publix, and Starbucks nationwide, and online at Target, BabiesRUs, and Amazon. For a full list of where to buy Peter Rabbit Organics, click HERE.

Check out the Peter Rabbit Organics website HERE.
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