Monday, May 28, 2012

Oogaa Toddler Feeding Set Review

I'm SO excited about this review!  This is some of the CUTEST and BEST toddler dinnerware that I have ever seen!  Oogaa dinnerware is made of food-safe silicone.  Its BPA free and will not support the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria.  Its odorless and tasteless, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, heat resistant and freezer safe! 

Oh, and if all that isn't enough, its stinkin' cute to!!!

The AWESOME folks at Oogaa, sent my little one a complete set of their dinnerware: an oogaa silicone bowl, a choo-choo train silicone spoon, a zoom-zoom airplane silicone spoon, and a non-slip silicone mat. 
The bowl is wonderful!  Its easy to clean and easy to use!  Its larger than the usual toddler bowl, so it can actually be used as a plate for all their food.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bowl! 
We recently transitioned our little one from a high chair with a huge tray to a booster seat with a much smaller tray.  Now, most of the time that's not an issue because we usually sit at the table.  But every once in a while we like to eat dinner in the living room - watching a baseball or football game.  That was fine while my little one had the high chair with the huge tray, but now that we're using the booster with a smaller tray her toddler plates don't fit on it!  Oh man!  But this bowl fits PERFECTLY!  And, as I said before, its large enough for an entire meal...
Check out her meal - pork chops, lima beans, and stuffing!
And it all fits perfectly!

The spoons are incredible too!  They are both SUPER EASY for my little one to hold!  They are larger that most toddler spoons, so they are easy to use and hold food well.  And because they are made from silicone, they are gentle on those sweet, sensitive teething gums!!!

And, seriously, how cute are these spoons!!!  I mean, when we were kids, our parents used to do the whole "open your mouth for the airplane" thing.  Now I can do that with my little one too!  And I have an ACTUAL airplane spoon!!!  ;)
Lastly, we received this ADORABLE no-slip silicone mat...
Its got pics of 4 adorable animals - an elephant, a frog, an octopus, and a monkey.  The mats (and bowls) come in 4 colors - blue, green, pink and purple.
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