Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunchskins Review

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I received a wonderful little package in the mail today & just couldn't wait to tell you all about it!!! -   Lunchskins!!!  These little bags are just amazing!!! - And so is the story of how they were invented. 

Their website states:
"While sitting around a kitchen table in 2008, we heard a staggering statistic - every day, more than 20 million sandwich bags from school lunches go into landfills in the US. We knew that many families were looking for easy, convenient ways to be green and avoid this kind of waste. So we put our passion and energy together and 3greenmoms was born. Our mission:to design a colorful, fresh alternative to the plastic baggie."

Did you see that statistic?  TWENTY MILLION sandwich bags EVERY DAY!  That just blew me away!!!  What waste!!!  Our society has become one of "disposable" products.  And, while these can be very convenient, they can also be VERY expensive - in addition to their effect on the earth.

Here's a couple of other interesting statistics:
1.) "Each child who brings a “brown-bag” lunch to school every day will generate 67 pounds of waste by the end of the school year - that's 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for an average-sized school. (EPA)"
2.) "Each high quality reusable bag you use has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime. The bag will pay for itself over time."

To see more info on plastics, check out Lunchskins' "Plastic Page" HERE.

Lunchskins are a GREAT alternative to plastic sandwich bags!  They are made from a thick cotton fabric that is coated with a food-safe polyurethane liner.  They are also grease-proof and moisture proof making them ideal for messy sandwiches and snacks!  They are lead, Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate-free - which is a HUGE deal to me!!!  (Many of those plastic baggies contain harmful chemicals!)  And one more thing - and this one REALLY THRILLS ME! - They are dishwasher safe!!!  What?!?!?!  You mean I can just pop them in the dishwasher???  How easy is that!!!

Lunchskins sells 3 different sizes (a snack size, and sandwich size, and a sub size) and has lots of REALLY CUTE fabrics!  For this review, I received the snack size and the sub size.

The snack size is ADORABLE!  Perfect for pretzels, chips, cookies, fruit, goldfish crackers, toddler puffs, etc.

The sub size is AWESOME!!!  Perfect for a hoagie or large sandwich!!!

But you don't have to just use your Lunchskins for food!  You can use them for toiletires, makeup, dog treats, ice for boo-boos, etc!

Lastly, the folks at Lunchskins were smart enough to put a "Name" section on each Lunchskin!  So you can use a permanent marker to personalize it if you want!!!  How awesome is that!!!

All, in all, I am THRILLED with this product!!!  Its well-thought out, safe, easy to take care of, and just so stinkin' cute!!!

If you'd like to check out Lunchskins for yourself, click HERE.
To meet 3GreenMoms, click HERE.
If you'd like to read more about the harmful effect of plastics, click HERE.

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