Monday, May 14, 2012

SPIband Review

I wanna start this post off with a little story from my childhood.  My dad used to work hard and save up to take us on a family vacation to Disney World every couple of years.  Man, I LOVED that!!  But it was always packed.  My dad would always warn us, before we got out of the car, to keep our belongings close and keep an eye on our money.  So, I was smart.  I would split my money up.  Some of it went in my bag, and some of it went in my tennis shoe!  That's right!  I hid money in my shoes. - Somebody would have to work pretty hard to steal that money!  ;)  The only problem was, when I wanted to spend it, I had to find a place to sit down, dig in my show (sometimes take it off) just to get to the money.  It was kind of annoying.

Man!  I wish I'd had a SPIband back then!!!  The AWESOME people that invented the SPIbelt have done it again!!!  They've come up with another nifty product to keep your valuables safe.  The SPIband fits on your wrist or your ankle and can hold money, a credit card, license, a key, etc.  It comes in 3 different sizes (which is great because we don't all have the same size wrists and ankles), and comes in black, black with hot pink trim, black with turquoise trim, or black with reflective trim.  Its also made of a breathable, soft-stretch material!

The nice folks at SPIbelt sent my hubby and I each a SPIband to try.  His was a large SPIband in black and mine was a medium in black with turquoise trim. 

This past Saturday we went to a local arts festival in town and I thought that would be the PERFECT place to try out our SPIbands!  We spent several hours walking around, shopping at vender booths, pushing our way through some pretty large crowds.  I slipped a $10 bill in mine SPIband and my hubby slipped 2 $20 bills AND his debit card in his! 

The SPIbands were easy to use, easy to get the money out of, and didn't really bother us or get in the way.  They are also pretty low-key, which is what you want if you're trying to keep your valuables secure and hidden. - They really just looks like armbands.

The best thing about the SPIband is that its so versitile!  You can wear it on your wrist OR ankle.  You can use it to carry your key if you go running, to work out, or to walk the dog, carry your money and license to run to the grocery store, while out at a theme park, etc.  It has so many uses!!!

If you'd like to check out SPIband for yourself, you can do so HERE.
Also check out their other products, including the the original SPIbelt, Kids' SPIbelt, SPI Messenger Bag, and Accessories (such as the SPI Dog Leash, Water Bottle Holder, and Race Number Belt!)

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