Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trudeau "Stress Less" Kitchen Gadget Review

WooHoo!  When Trudeau contacted me and asked me to try out some of their latest line of kitchen gadgets, I was SUPER EXCITED!!!  If you know me, you know that I LOVE to cook!!!  It just makes me happy.  It really gets my creative juices flowing!  And kitchen gadgets - LOVE THEM!!!!  So when I heard about Trudeau's new Stress Less line of kitchen gadgets, I just had to learn more!

Their website states: "Trudeau is proud to introduce its exclusive new Stress Less line of kitchen tools designed to reduce the strain on hands and joints. Ideal for those with arthritis or limited hand dexterity, these products are great for anyone looking to make everyday kitchen tasks easier than ever. Each item comes with a lifetime warranty."

Now, I don't have arthritis, but I have had problems in the past with tendonitis.  And, let me tell you, it STINKS!  When I have a flare-up, its so hard to grasp anything or do much with my hands.  That makes cooking a bit of a challenge, and, quite frankly, sucks all the fun out of it!  These new kitchen tools are designed to put the joy and fun back into cooking!  WhooHoo!

But what about the person who doesn't have arthritis, tendonitis, or anything else?  Would these tools benefit them too?  When I thought about that question, I immediately flashed back to this past holiday season.  At Thanksgiving and Christmas, I cook up a storm!  There are tons of cans to open, dishes to season, and cheeses to grate.  All that work can wreak havoc on my hands!  But not anymore!  I can't wait until the next big celebration so I can use my new Stress Less tools!  (Because, seriously, we could all use something that takes a little of the stress out of the holidays!)  :)

The Stress Less Easy Grind Salt and Pepper Mills are SO easy to use.  When they say the Salt Mill  grinds the salt into dust - THEY AREN'T KIDDING!  I had to check twice to make sure the mill was even working because it moved so effortlessly and grinded the salt so well!  Both the Pepper Mill and the Salt Mill are easy to refill .- Simply unscrew the knob on the top and lift the top off to refill!  Also, you can turn the mills clockwise for a fine grind or counter-clockwise for a coarser grind.  And the carbon steel grinder will always stay sharp!  :)

The Stress Less Cheese Grater is also simple to use!  It can be used to grate cheese or chocolate effortlessly!  It has an ergonomic design, spring-loaded door, and can be used right or left-handed!

The Stress Less Garlic Press is designed to rest on the counter for maximum leverage.  - This allows you to use your body weight to press the garlic, which causes less stress on your hands!  :)  It also has a pivot chamber for easy cleaning! 

The Stress Less Can Opener has a rotating cranking arm for more leverage.  This means you have to put forth less effort to make it work!  It also cuts along the side of the can!  This means NO SHARP EDGES and no food contact!  (I hate when my can opener gets dried food on it!  YUCK!)  It also comes with these tiny little "Lid Pliers" on the side - so you don't have to try to pull the lid off, getting food on yourself if it pops off!  That's AWESOME!!!

The last item I received was the Stress Less Pizza Cutter.  My hubby was really the one to try this little gem out - since he's the pizza cutter in our family.  He was VERY IMPRESSED!  The pizza cutter has an ergonomic handle with a finger guard for safety.  Its got a large wheel, so its appropriate for even deep dish pizzas!  And - BEST OF ALL - the blade is removeable!!!  YES!!!  EASY PEASY CLEANING!!! 

My husband and I were VERY impressed with these kitchen tools!  They were definitely easy to use and well made.  They are also dishwasher safe and have a lifetime warranty!!!

(The wonderful people at Trudeau sent me 6 products to try: (1) Stress Less Safety Can Opener, (2) Stress Less Garlic Press, (3) Stress Less Easy Grind Pepper Mill, (4) Stress Less Easy Grind Salt Mill, (5) Stress Less Pizza Cutter, and (6) Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater)

If you'd like to order any of the Stress Less line of kitchen tools (or any other items from Trudeau), you can do so HERE.

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