Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eco Vessel Review #2

Steel water bottles

The good folks a EcoVessel sent me couple of GREAT items to review!  (You may remember my previous Eco Vessel review - of the Insulated Adult Straw Bottle and the Insulated Sippy.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE those products, so I was THRILLED to review a couple more!!!)

The wonderful people at EcoVessel sent my husband this awesome Triple Insulated Screw Bottle to review...

This thing is AMAZING!  Its triple insulated and has been tested to keep water cold for THIRTY SIX HOURS and retain heat for TWELVE HOURS!!!  How amazing is that!!!  This thing is perfect for hiking, camping, etc.  But its also great for use around the home.  For instance, I'm sure my hubby will be using this bottle the next time he cuts the grass!  He can fill it up with ice and cold water & it will stay that way THE WHOLE time he's outside!!!

It comes with a wide mouth screw top so that you can put ice in it!  AWESOME!  But that's not all!  This little gem also comes with a removeable mesh strainer basket that makes it perfect for tea...

How nifty is that!!! Freshly made tea at work or out camping, etc!!!

They also sent my little one this AWESOME Gobble N Go...

This thing is SO cute!!!  It matches the Insulated Sippy.  (I'm all about the cute matching stuff!)  ;)  It holds a TON!!!  The top wasn't as tight as I thought it would be, but then again, if its too tight its hard to get on and off for filling, cleaning, etc.  The important thing is, the top doesn't slip off.  It seems to be about the same tightness as the tops of the other snack cups we have.

The 4 things that make this snack cup SO AWESOME are:
1.) Its stainless steel, so no leaching chemicals from plastics!
2.) Its SUPER EASY to clean!  (Seriously, I've really been loving the stainless steel items lately because they are not only safer for kids but SO much easier and quicker to clean!)
3.) Its got great handles for my little one to hold it with!
4.) Because its larger than most snack containers, as my little one gets older we can take the top off and use it as a bowl for ice cream, fruit, soup, etc! - And since its stainess steel, it will help keep the ice cream cold or the soup warm!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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