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Dabbawalla Bags Review

"A dabbawalla: literally meaning ("box person"), is a person in India, most commonly found in the city of Mumbai, who is employed in a unique service industry whose primary business is collecting freshly cooked food in lunch boxes from the residences of the office workers (mostly in the suburbs), delivering it to their respective workplaces and returning the empty boxes back to the customer's residence by using various modes of transport." - Wikipedia

I have a brand new review for everyone today, and I am REALLY excited about this one because these bags are SUPER CUTE!!!

I recently came across the Dabbawalla Bags website and just couldn't resist ordering a couple of their bags!  I LOVE discovering new companies - especially when they have ADORABLE products and CREATIVE names!  And Dabbawalla Bags fits that bill to a "T"!  :)

Neoprene lunch bags and washable backpacks

As it says on their website,
"Frustrated by the lack of functional, appropriately-sized bags available for children, sisters Susan Givens and Carol Mack teamed up to create Dabbawalla Bags. Inspired by the functional simplicity of European design, the launch product line is sized specifically for pre-school and early elementary school children. You’ll find no cartoon characters or action figures, no utilitarian oversized styles that mimic adult packs – just simple, colorful designs that kids of all ages can relate to.
The name Dabbawalla was inspired by Susan’s travels in India where she was fascinated with the complex system of lunch box delivery men known as dabbawallas.
Our mission at Dabbawalla Bags is simple: design fun, functional bags that appeal to both kids and adults while promoting social responsibility. Our bags are crafted by sewers who earn fair wages in safe working conditions, and we do business with companies who support this commitment."

Dabbawalla Bags makes 4 different products: Lunch Bags, Snack Bags, Backpacks and Lunch Purses.  They are all made of "machine-washable, stain-resistant, and insulating eco-sponge neoprene."  All of their bags are also free of lead, PVC and Phthalates.

I LOVE the fact that their bags are machine-washable!!!  I mean, we are dealing with kids and lunches, right!  ;)  And the neoprene is also an insulator, so the food stays cold/warm longer!  :)

I ordered 2 bags, the Cat Nap Backpack for my toddler and the Flower Lunch Purse for myself...

The Cat Nap Backpack (12"Lx11"Wx 6"D) is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!  Its the perfect size to carry lunches, snacks, drinks, and even books or toys.  Your little one could use this for school, church, outings to the park, zoo and beach, playdates, trips to grangma and granpa's, and so much more!  It has a little handle on the top and adjustable straps on the back - so it grows with your child!  It also has 3 mesh pockets on the inside and one large pocket on the back to store extra goodies.  And since this company is on the smaller side - and they don't make bags with cartoon characters, etc. - you're little one probably won't get their backpack or lunch bag mixed up with anyone else's!  To see more of their backpack designs, click HERE.  (They have adorable prints for both boys and girls!)

The Flower Lunch Purse (15”H x 12”W x 6”D) is also ADORABLE and SO UNIQUE!!!  As it says on their website, "Inspired by the classic Japanese Knot bag, this modern version by Dabbawalla Bags serves double duty as an elegant lunch tote or as a convenient carryall for a girl’s essentials. The ageless appeal and modern style of this fun tote makes it the ideal grab-n-go bag for both moms and girls of all ages. The strap-through-strap design provides simple yet graceful function."

(See how one loop goes inside the other and it just hangs off your wrist!)  :)

This bag has SO many functions!!!  They advertise it as the perfect, stylish bag for any woman to take her lunch or snacks to work in, but it would also be perfect for any teenage girl who is just too old for the traditional lunch box.  And because its so small, it would make a perfect little purse for running errands, etc.  The way it loops would even make it so easy to hang this little purse off of the handle of your umbrella stroller (or bike)!  (I know, when I'm out with my little one in her stroller, I'm always looking for something small and un-cumbersome to carry around.)  But its still large enough to cary your wallet, cell phone, a couple of diapers, and a travel-sized pack of baby wipes!

Also, as a mom who had a HORRIBLE time with morning sickness during my pregnancy, I think this little bag would be PERFECT for carrying around a few little snacks - no matter where you are, (church, the store, work, traveling, etc)!  How awesome is that!!!

Here's a little diagram and picture of how to use the Lunch Purse:

How does the purse work?

Lunch Purses

These little bags are definitely unique and SO STYLISH!

You can check out Dabbawalla's full line of bags on their WEBSITE.
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Disclosure - Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received a discount on my order from the company mentioned above to facilitate my review.  I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor's site.

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