Friday, May 18, 2012

Citrus Lane May 2012 Box Review and 50% Off Your First Box!!!

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WooHoo!!! Its our FAVORITE day of the month!!! - Citrus Lane day!!!! Our Citrus Lane box arrived today! May's them was "Fun In The Sun" and it DID NOT disappoint!!! We will be having tons of awesome, safe "Fun In The Sun" with the contents from this box!!!

If you haven't yet read my reviews of our past Citrus Lane boxes, you can check out March's "Dining Out" box review HERE and April's "Bath and Bedtime Fun" box HERE.

Each Citrus Lane box is filled with beautiful, cheery, citrus-yellow tissue paper!  What a lovely addition!  Also, evey box contains an information flyer that tells you all about that month's theme, the products in the box (including retail value) and helpful tips and hints that focus on the box's theme...

Every box also has a special little "gift" for mom.  Sometimes its a little snack, or a beauty sample, etc.  This month's gift was a $15 giftcard to!  Awesome!  I was able to use it to buy some lovely bracelets!  (Happy Mother's Day to me!!!)  ;)

These boxes are always filled with SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

The first thing that greeted us this month was this lovely iPlay Sun Protection Hat ($15.00)

This hat can be worn either way!!!  How cute!!!  And what a stylish way to protect your little one from the sun!!!  Oh!  And its made out of a special fabric with a UV protection factor of 50+!  How awesome is that!!!

My little one loves her hat!  And she looks SOOO cute in it!!!  :)

Now, you can't have "Fun In The Sun" without the FUN, so here it is!!!  An AWESOME sand play set from Green Toys!!! ($21.99)  This thing is SO cute and SOOOOO much sturdier than the normal sand play sets that you see for kids!!!  I am SOOO impressed!!!! 
 And, get this, its made from 100% food-safe recycled MILK CONTAINERS!!!! SO COOL!!!

But we can't have "Fun In The Sun" without protection, so our Citrus Lane box came with 2 travel size (.75fl oz each) Episencial Sunscreens! (A 4oz bottle costs $15.00, which makes these 2 bottles worth approximately $5.50!)

And this AWESOME hand sanitizer by CleanWell!  Its alcohol-free, so no worries about using it on your little one!!!  :)  (This was a .5oz bottle. 1oz on Amazon costs $4.00, which makes this bottle worth approximately $2.00.)
And in case your little one gets hungry during all that "Fun In The Sun" - they've included 3 packets of Plum Organics Teensy Fruits!  (A 5-pack costs $2.99, so 3 are worth approximately $1.79.)

These things are AWESOME!!!  They are really "teensy" - which means they are not at all a choking hazard like some fruit snacks can be!!!  :)

In case you weren't counting, the total value of this box (including the $15 giftcard to was $46.28!!!  (All for $25 - INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!)
You can receive monthly surprises for your kids as well!!! Just use this REFERRAL LINK to get 50% off your first box!
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