Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OrganicBabyNThings Training Pants Review

As I've mentioned MANY times before, I love 2 things: online shopping and shops that carefully choose what they sell.  OrganicBabyNThings is one of those shops!  WooHoo!!!  And I'm so glad I found them!!!  The wonderful folks at OrganicBabyNThings were kind enough to send me a couple of items to help with the phase my family is currently going through - Potty Training!

The folks at OrganicBabyNThings sent me 2 items:

A Pair of Lapsaky Training Pants:

These training pants are made of organic cotton and 3 layers of protection in the "wet zone."  They are also made in the USA!  WooHoo!!!  I love the idea of using cotton training pants instead of those disposable ones! First of all, they are money savers because they are washable.  But also, they feel like underwear. The disposable ones just feel like diapers and that can sometimes confuse a little one.  They were able to use the bathroom in their diapers, so why not in the trainers?  But since these feel like undies, they won't enjoy getting them wet!

We also received a pair of Bedwetter Training Pants:

Now, most cotton training pants are meant for daytime use.  They will catch a good bit of wetness, but they are not meant to be used at night because they just can't handle that much urine.  The Bedwetter is different!  Its designed for nighttime use and is good for heavy bed wetters!  This is fabulous!  Most of the time, nighttime is the hardest part of potty training.  Most moms feel better keeping their kids in diapers or disposable trainers for a while.  But with these, you can have the feeling of undies with the security of training pants!  WooHoo!

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