Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Assessables Newborn Bodysuits Review

I remember when my first baby was born.  The doctor told us to allow the umbilical cord area to air-dry.  That was difficult.  I wanted to put her in one piece outfits because those would be the warmest, but that didn't allow her cord to air dry.  Also, a shirt and pants still covered up the cord as well. Ugh!  Thankfully, I've recently found the solution: Assessables Newborn Bodysuits...

These little bodysuits are fantastic!  They handle all of those issues.  You baby is in a one-piece outfit, so they will stay warmer and their clothes will stay on better.  But it has an opening so that the umbilical cord can air-dry as recommended! 
And check out the extra snaps.  The length is adjustable!!!

Assessables were originally invented as a new neonatal garment that would provide umbilical exposure while providing a quick opening for assessment of baby’s heart, lungs, bowels and diaper.  After they began to be used in hospitals, requests began to come in from parents who wanted to be able to purchase them for at-home use.  And thus Assessables was born!  The company was started by Jonelle Krier, RN, BSN, MS, an obstetrical/neonatal nurse and nursing instructor with more than 30 years of experience.  I love when I find a baby product that was invented by a medical professional!  It makes me feel so much more secure!

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