Monday, December 10, 2012

Novena Maternal Skincare Review and PROMO CODE

Recently I've become more concerned about the products I use on my face.  There's so much junk out there.  And being pregnant, my skin has gotten even that much more sensitive.  Thankfully, I recently discovered Novena Maternal Skincare.  That's right!  Its skincare developed especially for pregnant women!!!

All of Novena's products are organic, vegan, natural, environmentally safe, and animal-friendly.  This is great for a pregnant woman!  Pregnant skin can often develop all sorts of problems due to those raging hormones!  Haha!  But more importantly, I've recently learned that everything I put on my skin ends up in my bloodstream.  That means I'm passing it on to my baby!  Why would I want to use something dangerous???  Did you know that 90% of personal care products contain  Parabens (preservative), Sulfates (foaming agent), and Phthalates (bonding agent)!  Studies have shown that these chemicals could cause infertility, birth defects, reproductive problems in boys, early puberty in girls and even cancer. The folks at Novena have developed their skincare line without the use of those dangerous chemicals!

The folks at Novena were kind enough to send me two products to review.  The first item I received was their Organic Luminescent Moisturizer...

This moisturizer is 70% organic and 100% vegan!  This moisturizer helps prevent the brown spots that can occur during those nasty pregnancy hormonal changes or sun exposure.  It also helps decrease the existing spots!  It also hydrates and tones skin!  :)

I also received the Organic Citrus Blemish Lotion...

This lotion is 94% organic and 100% vegan!  This lotion helps prevent and treat blemishes caused by hormonal changes or stress.  But it does it without using any harmful chemicals!  WooHoo!!!

If you are like me and are trying to find safe, organic, non-harmful skincare products, Novena is for you!  If you are trying to get pregnant, already pregnant, or recently gave birth, you should really give Novena a try!!!

If you'd like to try Novena for yourself, use Promo Code TPMNOV to receive 10% off!!!

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