Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tommee Tippee Baby Products Review

You may remember my 2 previous Tommee Tippee reviews of toddler items.  (You can check them out HERE and HERE.)  Well, as you may have guessed, I LOVE Tommee Tippee products!  They are very well made and very useful!  The lovely folks at Tommee Tippee were kind enough to send me several baby products for review...

Here are the products I received:

1.) 2 Closer to Nature 5oz Feeding Bottles -
These little bottles are great!  The nipples mimic the feel, flex, and movement of breastfeeding, which is FABULOUS because it allows for easy transition between breast and bottle!  The nipple is also wider, which helps babies latch on better.  The bottles also have an easi-vent valve, which makes the bottles anti-colic and anti-gas!!!  WooHoo!  Oh, and the bottles are BPA and Phthalate free!!!  Yippee!!!

2.) 1 Closer to Nature First Sips Weaning Cup -
These cups are spill-proof - WIN!  They are also designed to ease the transition from bottle to sippy, which in my opinion can be very difficult!  The cup base is also interchangeable with the Closer to Nature Nipples!  This can help ease the transition between bottle and sippy as well!  And, once again, its BPA and Phthalate free!!!

3.) 2 Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bibs -
These bibs are large - which is great!  They catch everything!  They are also super soft and very absorbent!  This is great because, not only will it keep baby's clothes and skin dry, but it will help prevent rashes and redness! 

4.) 1 Closer to Nature Stage 1 Chewther -
These teethers are incredible!  They were scientifically designed in association with a pediatric dentist, which I LOVE!  They help support jaw, lip, and muscle development!  They also help to stimulate gums and sooth teething pain!  And they are BPA free!!!

Again, I just LOVE Tommee Tippee's products!  You can tell that they are truly created through careful thought and with little ones in mind!  (And they are super cute too!) :)

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