Thursday, December 6, 2012

BuggyLOVE Review

OK, I received a review item that just BLEW ME AWAY - the BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit!  This thing is seriously awesome!  All of the products are natural and organic.  And I've never seen another company that makes products intended for cleaning strollers!

This awesome kit has EVERYTHING you'll need to clean that stroller from top to bottom! 
So what's included?

1.) An 8oz bottle of FreshLOVE - This handy little spray neutralizes unpleasant scents on strollers, carseats, changing tables, play areas, bathrooms, etc.  And its 100% paraben and sulfate free! 
2.) An 8oz bottle of PolishLOVE - This is meant to shine up stroller frames, tires, hardware and all of those stroller accessories. And its also 100% paraben and sulfate free!
3.) A 4oz bottle of FabricLOVE - This solution helps remove mystery stains from strollers, carseats, highchairs, nurseries and your favorite chair or shirt. And its also 100% paraben and sulfate free!
4.) A 1oz bottle of WheelLOVE - This is a 100% all natural stroller lubricant that eliminates squeaks and squeals.
5.) A Wheel Scrub Brush
6.) A Re-claimed Microfiber Cloth
7.) And a Reusable To-Go Bag to put everything in!

There's so much that's awesome about this set!  First of all, its all-natural!  Secondly, it has EVERYTHING you need to clean your stroller from top to bottom!  Thirdly, many of the items can be used to clean other things as well - like car seats, changing tables, highchairs, toys, etc.!

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