Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AirScape Canister Review

Have you heard about Liquid Planet?  They sell some AMAZING beverage products - including coffee makers, tea makers, soda makers, mugs, and glassware. One awesome product that they carry is the Planetary Design AirScape Canister.  The good folks at Liguid Planet sent me a couple for review and, I have to say, they are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Their website states: "Planetary Design's Airscape is simply the best AirTight Food Storage Canister on the market. While most food containers claim to be airtight, they are merely locking the air tightly IN with your food contents. The AirScape forces all the air OUT."

So basically, this is how this canister works...

The canister has an air-tight lid (like most canisters do).  But really, what does that do?  It just traps the air INSIDE the canister...

But this canister has something different - a patent-pending AirScape valve that actually forces the air out of the container!

Simply use the handle to push the valve down until all the air is pushed out!  How amazing is that!  This canister is PERFECT for things like coffee, tea, cookies, and even brown sugar! (It will keep your brown sugar from getting lumpy and hard!  AWESOME!!!)

Check out this YouTube video of the AirScape in action - 

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