Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Malibu C Review

You may remember my previous review of Malibu C's Hard Water Kit and Miracle Repair.  Again, I CAN NOT TELL YOU how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE those products!!!!  I'm just about to order a HUGE bottle of the miracle repair!  My hair has never felt or looked so healthy!!!  Well, the WONDERFUL folks at Malibu C were kind enough to send me a couple of other products to review!

The first product I received was the Face and Body Moisture Mist...

I was very excited to try this product because my face can often get dry during the day.  You can use this spray pretty much ANY TIME that you want to - in the morning before putting on your moisturizer, throughout the day when your face gets dry, or at night right before bed! When I tried it, I felt that it was not only moisturizing, but refreshing as well!  And I'm THRILLED that its Paraben-Free, Propylene Glycol-Free and Gluten-Free!!! 

The second item I received was the Leave-In Mist Conditioner...

I was a little skeptical of this product.  I've used "leave-in conditioners" before and they've always left my hair weighed down and greesy-looking.  But I tried this mist this morning and I didn't feel that it did either of those things!  WooHoo!!!  Not only does it give your hair moisture, but it detangles, tames frizz, and help prevent color fading!!!  Again, this product is free of sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, DEA gluten, and has no sodium chloride (salt) added!!!

Once again, I was very impressed by the Malibu C products!!!  I really feel that my hair has never been as healthy as it has been since I started using their line!

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  1. Thanks for the top-notch review of our Malibu C® Leave-In Conditioner Mist and Face & Body Moisture Mist! Be well and enjoy :-)

    The Malibu C Team