Thursday, June 7, 2012

Buddy Fruits Review

I'm always looking for healthy, natural snacks to feed my little one.  Buddy Fruits fits that description PERFECTLY!!!  They pouches are nothing but fruit!!! I love the fact that they come in these convenient pouches instead of jars.  It makes them SO portable!!!  I can squeeze one into a bowl for my little one, or I can simply unscrew the top and let my little one suck on it!  That makes it the PERFECT snack on the go!!!!

The AWESOME folks at Buddy Fruits sent my little one several packages of Pure Blended Fruit and several packages of Pure Fruit Bites to review.  - And boy does she LOVE them!!!

The Pure Blended Fruit pouches come in 8 different flavors: Apple-Banana, Apple-Cinnamon, Apple-Strawberry, Apple-Multifruit, Banana, Mango, Peach and Mango Passion & Banana.  Each pouch contains one full serving of fruit!

I poured one of the pouches into a bowl. (My little one is practicing using a spoon.)  She DEVOURED this yummy fruit!!!  And then she begged for another!

Apple- Cinnamon Blended Fruit

She also devoured 2 packages of the Pure Fruit Bites!  Again, these little snacks are NOTHING BUT FRUIT! 

They come in 6 flavors: Orange, Pomegranate & Acai, Apple, Black Currant, Banana, and Raspberry  They are very soft, so I wasn't really worried about them being a choking hazard for my toddler...

Black Currant Fruit Bites

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