Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Cup Review

You may remember that I did a Tommee Tippee review about a week ago.  Well, I LOVED the products that we received!  SO well made!  SO cute!  And, best of all - reasonably priced!  Yahoo!!! Well, the AWESOME folks at Tommee Tippee were kind enough to send my little one a package of their Explora Truly Sprill Proof Drink Cups to review this week!

I have to say, I was skeptical.  I mean, I've tried LOTS of different sippy cups with my little one and she ALWAYS finds a way to "spill" from them.  Her favorite method - taking those sippy cups with the silicon spouts, turning them upside down, and beating them on the table so that water or milk comes out all over the place.  Then she plays in the mess.  (I have quite the little artist!)  ;)

I was also a little concerned because these cups didn't have the bendable spout - like the ones my little likes to spill from - and I wasn't sure she would be able to get anything out of them.  She's had problems in the past with sippies with hard spouts that she really has to suck on.  Since she's teething, she naturally chews on the spout, and when nothing comes out, she gets aggravated.  But yesterday morning I pulled one of these cups out to use with breakfast.  I gave her chocolate milk and poured just a few drops on top of the spout.  She immediately sucked that off & when she realized there was more where that came from, she was good to go!  Yippee!!!

So, what's so awesome about the Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Drinking Cup?
1.) Well, first of all it IS spill proof!  YYYYYEEEESSSS!!!!  I even turned it upside down, shook it, beat it on the table (like my little one does), etc. - NOTHING!  It DID NOT SPILL!!!
(Their website states: Unlike other valve systems our active sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof.)
2.) Its 9 ounces, so it holds a good amount of water or milk for my sweet one.
3.) It has a wide mouth, so I can even get ice out of the icemaker in our fridge with it!  (I can't do that with her other cups!)
4.) Its SUPER CUTE!!!  It reminded me of a coffee travel mug!  LOVE!  SO CUTE!!!!
5.) It has an insulated base, so it keeps drinks cooler longer!
6.) Its BPA free!
7.) Its dishwasher and microwave safe!
8.) Its available in a lot of stores! (You can even get it on amazon, in BabiesRUs, and Target!!!

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